The News Matrix: Monday 5 March 2012


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Outrage at Cardinal's 'grotesque' comment

Supporters of gay marriage have responded with outrage to comments made by one of Britain's most senior Catholics. Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the head of Catholics in Scotland, described gay marriage as a "grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right" MORE

Boys of 10 often stay out late, study say

A fifth of boys as young as 10 stay out late at least once a month without telling their parents where they are, claims a report. The study found family background was not a factor in staying out, but location, living in social housing or a single mother increases the risk.

Red Arrow to stop flying after deaths

The first female Red Arrows pilot will be grounded after the deaths of two colleagues. Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Stewart, 33, will be reassigned to a non-flying position after the deaths had an "adverse effect" on her.

China comes up with plan to end violence

Red Cross teams remained locked out of the devastated Baba Amr district in Homs last night, while in a new diplomatic push China put forward a six-point plan to end the conflict. Red Cross volunteers began handing out aid and medical supplies in nearby areas. More

Apology for attack on UK's war graves

Libya's leadership apologised yesterday over a video of men smashing the graves of soldiers killed in the Second World War, in an act of vandalism that seemed aimed at non-Muslims. Videos of the attack, posted on Facebook, showed men using hammers to smash a cross. MORE

PM's last orders on cheap cider and beer

Sharp increases in cheap supermarket cider and beer prices are forecast as David Cameron is expected to overrule other Cabinet ministers, including the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, by ordering that alcohol cannot be sold for less than 40p a unit. The move aimed at binge drinking could double the cost of strong cider in shops, but have less impact on wines and spirits. MORE

Motorcyclist and passenger killed

Motorcyclist Julian Farley, 25, and his pillion passenger, Jessica Ellis, 23, both from Portsmouth, were killed last night when their bike hit a road sign on the A339 between Basingstoke and Alton in Hampshire. A 17-year-old male from Alton was bailed on suspicion of causing death by careless driving.

Families pitch in to ease financial pain

Struggling young people are being lent or given nearly £13,000 by family members to help them cope in the financial crisis, a report shows. Lending between family members has increased dramatically, by nearly a third over five years to an average sum of £12,486, the Scottish Widows survey shows.

'Treasure hunt' for meteor debris

Scientists are hunting remnants of the meteorite which was seen across England and Scotland on Saturday night. Dr Marek Kukula, of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, said any lumps found would be worth more than their weight in gold. MORE

'Somebody' holds off fast-rising 'Rockstar'

Wally De Backer, aka the Belgian-Australian musician Goyte, has stayed at number one for a second week with "Somebody That I Used To Know". "Rockstar", from Dappy featuring Queen's Brian May, entered the chart at number 2.

Artist behind 'Star Wars' dies, aged 82

Ralph McQuarrie, the American artist who brought George Lucas's Star Wars characters to life, has died aged 82. McQuarrie worked on all three films in the original trilogy.

Town prays for divine intervention

The five-acre Montana town of Pray is praying for a miracle, or at least a deep-pocketed saviour. The mayor has put the entire town on the market for $1.4m.