The News Matrix: Saturday 12 April 2014


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Iranian diplomat barred from UN role

The White House said yesterday that Hamid Aboutaleb, an Iranian official who was among the student group that took US diplomats hostage in 1979, would not be issued a visa to allow him to become Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, which is based in New York.

Rio squatters clash with riot police

Squatters in Rio de Janeiro are clashing with police after a court ordered that 5,000 people be evicted from the abandoned buildings of a telecommunications company. Police moved people out of the buildings yesterday. Some fought police and set fire to parts of the building.

Banker killed wife to hide homosexuality

A gay bank worker who murdered his arranged bride in an attempt to hide his sexuality has been ordered to serve at least 21 years behind bars. Jasvir Ginday was told that his decision to strangle Varkha Rani and burn her body using petrol was  “unbelievably casual and callous”.

Pistorius asked why Reeva didn’t scream

Oscar Pistorius’ trial heard crucial testimony yesterday as a prosecutor challenged the athlete over why his girlfriend had failed to scream when he shot her four times through a toilet door. Gerrie Nel said it was beyond belief that Reeva Steenkamp would have remained silent.

Children need ‘more facts about drugs’

Drugs education for children as young as 10 should be broadened, one of the Government’s chief advisers has said. Professor Simon Gibbons, said: “At the primary/middle school phase there’s not enough information on drug education for  10 to 12-year-olds.”

Officer quits to give eyewitness account

A second Army officer has resigned his post to publish an eyewitness account of the loss of life to the British Army in Afghanistan. Former reserve Captain Christian Hill worked in the Media Operations Group. Combat Camera is due to be published on 20 April. MORE

Fabricant on incest, llamas and bestiality

After announcing his sacking from the Conservative Party on Twitter, Michael Fabricant gives an interview to i, in which the eccentric MP discusses llamas, incest and bestiality. He also speaks of his plans, following his sacking for a tweet relating to Maria Miller. MORE

Families allege state collusion in murders

The British government is facing legal action from 32 families over alleged collusion in murders in the 1970s. They claim the police, Army and Northern Ireland Office facilitated the co-operation. The accusations focus on killings linked to the loyalist Glenanne gang.

Winning candidate is a convicted killer

Eric Assad, a candidate for the far-right National Front who was elected as a councillor in Clermont Ferrand last month, is a killer who spent seven years in psychiatric institutions, it has emerged. The revelation is a deep embarrassment for party leader Marine Le Pen.

Detective speaks out over force intrigue

One of the country’s most powerful police leaders has spoken out over political intrigue and personal attacks within the force. Steve Williams, a career detective, told i: “I’ve dealt with an awful lot of people, bad people ... but it’s not how I would expect to be treated by colleagues.” MORE

Berlusconi ally  flees court verdict

A political ally of the former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has left the country ahead of a ruling on mafia collusion charges. The Palermo court issued an arrest warrant for Marcello dell’Utri, after prosecutors said there was a “danger” that he would not return for the verdict.

Mammoth skeleton removed from mine

Archaeologists yesterday used heavy machinery to transfer a  female mammoth skeleton,  believed to be one million years old, from the Kostolac open mine where it was unearthed five years ago, to a nearby  exhibition area.

Chimps pull off great ape escape

Seven chimpanzees used an improvised ladder to scale a wall and briefly escape their enclosure at the Kansas City Zoo. One of the chimps apparently pulled a log or a branch and leaned it against the wall of the enclosure, allowing the others to escape.

Footballer saves pasty company

More than 250 jobs at the West Cornwall Pasty Company have been saved after the food chain was bought by investors including former Leeds United footballer Danny Mills. The purchase involves 35 stores, although another 30 are not part of the deal and will close.

Textual healing for sexual wheeling

Surrey Police sent out a cautionary tweet yesterday after encountering a driver engaged in coitus while at the wheel. “When driving, please don’t attempt any ‘sexual interaction’. It might be fun, but you’ll both be red-faced when we stop you for poor driving,” it read.

Belafonte to keep King documents

The estate of Martin Luther King and US singer Harry Belafonte said they settled their dispute over documents of the civil rights leader that gives ownership to the entertainer. Belafonte had sued the estate over the documents given to him due to his friendship with King.