The News Matrix: Saturday 22 November 2014


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Republicans oppose immigration order

The US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said yesterday that President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration had sabotaged chances for bipartisan legislation and vowed to lead a fight to block the order.

Occupy movement outside Parliament

Pro-democracy protesters descended on central London last night as the Occupy movement gathered to set up camp outside Parliament. Organisers called for supporters to “return to Parliament Square” outside the Palace of Westminster from 6pm on Friday until late on Sunday.

Saturated fats not linked to diabetes

Food laden with saturated fat does not drive up levels of the “junk” nutrient in the blood, contrary to popular opinion, research suggests. Higher consumption of carbohydrates, not saturated fat, was associated with changes linked to diabetes and heart disease, scientists found.

Stranded whale  ‘died of starvation’

A whale found dead after a pod of the animals came close to the east coast of England probably died of starvation, an expert said. Police were called this week to help escort the 40 pilot whales away from the Essex coastline, but one was found on land.

Man faces conspiracy to murder charge

The stepson of a nurse found dead in the boot of a car has been charged with conspiracy to murder and is due to appear in court tomorrow. Rui Li’s body was found inside a Fiat Punto, in Verwood Crescent, Bournemouth, on 30 May having been last seen alive a week earlier.

Gates recognised for humanitarian work

Melinda Gates, the wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has received this year’s Chatham House Prize from Prince William in recognition of her humanitarian efforts to improve the health of women and children. “All lives have equal value, anywhere on the planet,” she said.

Boo-hoo for Yahoo users as cable is cut

Internet users in the UK and US have been unable to log in to their Yahoo email accounts after an underwater cable was cut during maintenance work. A notice on the help page of Yahoo’s website said: “We are aware that Yahoo Mail is slow or inaccessible for some of our users.”

Eleven dead after stadium stampede

At least 11 people died in a stampede during a religious service at a sports stadium yesterday. Four people died at the stadium and seven more at the hospital, according to police. Those killed were attending a church service for a popular Pentecostal pastor, Walter Magaya.

Snowfall ends… now floods are imminent

A snowfall that brought drifts of up to 7ft and closed roads in the Buffalo area of New York state finally ended yesterday. However, residents still could not relax, as the looming threat of rain and higher temperatures raised the possibility of floods and further damage to property.

UK-born man dies while fighting for Isis

UK-born Abu Abdullah al-Habashi, 20, is believed to have died while fighting for Isis in Syria. Social media accounts linked to the extremist group said al-Habashi, from London, had appeared in numerous propaganda videos for the cause. It is believed he was killed in Kobani.

Nappies may start talking so you do too

Parenting advice could soon be printed across nappies to remind parents to speak to their infants more regularly. The UK’s so-called “nudge unit” hopes to raise awareness that children’s development can be improved by talking to them frequently.

Biden condemns Russian behaviour

US Vice President Joe Biden condemned Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine yesterday as “unacceptable” and said Moscow should abide by a September peace deal and pull its military forces out. After holding talks with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Biden said: “Do what you agreed to do, Mr Putin.”

UK housing stock breaks £5trn barrier

The total value of the UK’s private housing stock has broken through £5 trillion this year as the property market recovery has taken off, a report says. The collective worth of privately-owned homes across the country has increased by £1.83trn over the past decade, Halifax found.

Jihadi bride ‘part of terrorist group’

A judge has agreed to extend the period police can hold a Dutch teenager who went to Syria to marry an Islamist fighter. The girl, known as “Aicha”, appeared in a closed Dutch court yesterday, accused of joining a terrorist organisation. Her mother helped bring her back home and is not a suspect.

Buses assert claim to Falkland Islands

The UK has objected to Argentine MPs’ decision that public transport should carry signs expressing the country’s claim over the Falklands. A law passed by the Argentine Congress says vehicles must declare “Las Malvinas son Argentinas”: “the Falkland Islands are Argentine”.

Japanese plan for city under the sea

A Japanese construction company has revealed blueprints for an undersea city. Dubbed the Ocean Spiral, the project by Shimizu Corp is projected to cost billions of pounds and take five years to complete, although the technology required is in its infancy.

Bassey’s bum notes on Bond classic

Dame Shirley Bassey has admitted there are two wrong notes in her hit James Bond song, Goldfinger. Now the Cardiff-born singer has re-recorded the hit 007 movie theme 50 years later on her new album. Dame Shirley is marking 61 years in music with the album Hello Like Before.

Kitten found 2,300 miles from home

A New Mexico woman’s missing kitten has turned up in Maine, after a 2,300-mile trip. “Spice” was taken to an animal refuge after a man found her inside a duffel bag outside a store in Portland. A local businessman offered to pay for the cat to be flown back to her owner.

Police toastie for starving 90-year-old

Police officers in Wanganui,  New Zealand delivered a toasted sandwich to a distressed elderly woman after reports that the 90-year-old hadn’t eaten in three days and was “distressed and desperate,” a local newspaper, the Wanganui Chronicle, reported.

ClaudiaWinkleman returns to Strictly

Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman returns to the hit show this weekend. She has been absent in recent weeks to be with her eight-year-old daughter, Matilda, who was in hospital after her Halloween costume went up in flames while she was out trick-or-treating.