The News Matrix: Saturday 26 May 2012


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Higher-grade uranium found

The UN nuclear agency has found traces of uranium enriched to a level that is closer to the threshold needed to arm nuclear missiles. The International Atomic Energy Agency says its experts have found particles enriched up to 27 per cent, higher than the 20 per cent declared by Iran.

St Paul's 'allowed evictions from steps'

Evidence has emerged of a greater role St Paul's Cathedral played in giving police permission to remove praying Christians from its steps when the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp was evicted in February. A letter obtained by i shows the cathedral gave permission. MORE

Trading in bank's shares suspended

The ratings agency Standard & Poor's cut its assessments of the credit worthiness of five Spanish banks yesterday, reducing three of them to junk status. Earlier, trading in one of the three, Bankia, was suspended in anticipation of it receiving a multimillion-euro bailout. MORE

They know how to party in Herts

Hertfordshire is the most patriotic place in the country – more than 450 of the nation's 9,500 planned Diamond Jubilee street parties will take place in the county. Further north, however, there isn't as much enthusiasm for a royal celebration, according to the figures. MORE

PM pays tribute to Falklands troops

David Cameron yesterday paid tribute to the 255 soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives to liberate the Falkland Islands. Making his first visit to the armed forces memorial in Alrewas, Staffordshire, Mr Cameron reaffirmed his commitment to defend the islanders' right to self-determination.

Telescope targets far reaches of universe

The world's biggest radio telescope, capable of detecting signs of life in the far reaches of the universe, will be located in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The decision to split the location of the £1.2bn Square Kilometre Array, followed intense lobbying by the bidders. MORE

House cut open to rescue 60-stone girl

A morbidly obese teenager who had to be cut free from her home by workmen after getting too big to go outside was being treated in hospital last night. Georgia Davis, 19, is thought to have weighed around 60st by the time she was rescued from the house that had become her prison. MORE

Volunteers begin to clear tsunami debris

Teams of volunteers were heading to an uninhabited island near Anchorage yesterday to mark the start of a summer-long effort to clean up debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami last year. Flotsam was carried by Pacific currents to the shorelines of Alaska.

Peregrine chicks stolen from nest

Three newly hatched peregrine falcon chicks have been stolen from their nest on top of a building in Kingston. Wildlife officers said thieves may have risked "life and limb" to get to the chicks, which can fetch £10,000. The birds are often taken for use in falconry.

Women smell better than men

A new study appears to confirm that women have a significantly better sense of smell than men. More women than men claimed to be able to recognise 14 out of 15 garden scents in the survey of 2,000 people for Gardeners' World magazine, and recognition improved with age.

The lights are going out all over Detroit 

The mayor of Detroit wants to turn off almost half the streetlights in his city, which has seen its population decline from two million in 1950 to only 713,000 today. He says the city can no longer afford to light areas where houses are mostly derelict, or lots where houses have been razed.

'Broadway Barack' to join stars on stage

President Barack Obama will head to Broadway next month as part of a double bill with former President Bill Clinton, and including the stars James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury and Jeffrey Wright on 4 June. Before the show, the presidents will attend a dinner featuring Jon Bon Jovi.