The News Matrix: Saturday 9 November 2013


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Teenager jailed for 18 years for murder

A teenager who murdered an 88-year-old woman has been jailed for 18 years. Imran Douglas was 17 when he strangled and stabbed Margery Gilby in a care home in east London. A police spokesman said: “Only Doug- las can explain why an attempted burglary had to end in murder.”

Energy firms ‘not telling whole story’

The Big Six energy firms have been accused by market experts of misleading consumers about the reasons behind high prices. In interviews with i, the specialists raised concerns that energy giants are not being fully candid about their profit margins. MORE

Engineers begin nuclear clear up

Nuclear engineers are set to begin removing thousands of highly radioactive spent fuel rods from a storage pool where they have been since the Fukushima plant was pummeled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. More than 120,000 uranium rods must be taken away. MORE

Ex-BBC broadcaster John Cole dies

The former BBC political editor John Cole has died aged 85 after a long illness. The broadcaster  spent more than 10 years at the BBC. His family described him as “the most loving, funny and devoted husband, father and grandfather”. MORE

Geneva teams set to begin Iran deal

The international community and Iran seem set for a deal over the its nuclear programme ahead of Geneva talks. Russia and China, which did not plan to attend, have indicated their backing. Tehran’s chief negotiator, Abbas Aragchi, said they were “ready to start drafting”. MORE

Last resident forced out of eyesore estate

The last resident has been evicted from a south London housing estate so ugly that it became a go-to location for films wanting to depict urban dystopia. Adrian Glasspool has lived on the Heygate Estate for 16 years. But on Wednesday he had to be forcibly evicted. MORE

Harrods scam gang found guilty

Scammers who preyed on jobseekers with fake recruitment ads for Harrods have been convicted. The gang placed bogus adverts on the Gumtree website purporting to be from the retailer then used information on CVs to hack into bank accounts. They left one victim £21,000 short.

Child bride is rescued

A human rights official stopped the wedding of a nine-year-old girl, due to take place yesterday. It was the first such intervention in Yemen, the BBC heard. The marriage was set for the city of Taiz, but the human rights ministry and local police persuaded the girl’s father to call it off.

Trial to follow probe into ‘cannibal’ case

An investigation has been completed into the manslaughter case against a fisherman who cannibalised a companion after they were stranded in the Siberian wilderness. Alexei Gorulenko, who allegedly killed Andrei Kurochkin and ate him, faces up to 15 years in prison.

No trace of poison found in Neruda

Experts say no trace of chemical agents has been found in the bones of the Nobel prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda, who died in suspicious circumstances after Chile’s military coup in 1973. The body of the friend of ousted President Allende was exhumed for tests in April.

Death by polonium ‘highly unlikely’

It is “highly unlikely” that Yasser Arafat was killed by radioactive polonium in 2004, according to Professor Nicholas Priest. The former leader of biomedical research at the Atomic Energy Authority, said Arafat’s symptoms were very different from those of Alexander Litvinenko.

K-popsters take on Wembley and Oxford

The March of K-pop – manufactured pop music from South Korea – continues as Super Junior, a 13-piece boyband and “super-franchise” play their first UK headline gig at Wembley Arena tonight. Tomorrow they will address the Oxford Union, following in Psy’s footsteps. MORE

Gaga tells how she blunted the pain

Lady Gaga was smoking up to 15 joints a day to relieve the pain of a hip surgery before a friend made her quit marijuana, the flamboyant singer said in an interview with the gay magazine Attitude. She described how the “huge breakage” of her hip forced her to cancel dozens of concerts.

‘Please don’t eat that stray cat’

Chinese commuters have been warned not to eat stray cats and dogs. Animals Asia wants people to “re-evaluate why they’d eat animals they might otherwise consider friends”. Four million cats and 16 million dogs are thought to be killed for food every year in China.

Dean cross with students’ behaviour

A senior church figure has issued a strong rebuke after four students had to be rescued from his roof when a drunken prank went wrong. Two fire crews and a police helicopter were called to Durham Cathedral after the university students clambered on to the dean’s house last Friday night.

Jesse Owens gold medal to fetch $1m

One of the four gold medals won by US sprinter Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Olympics is to be auctioned this month at the Orange County auction house in California. The medal is expected to sell for up to $1m (£624,000). It was given by Owens to the entertainer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.