The News Matrix: Thursday 11 September 2014


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‘Fat shaming’ is not helpful, study finds

Shaming overweight people about their size does not encourage them to lose weight, according to health experts. A study of 3,000 UK adults monitored over four years found that such comments may even lead to people putting on weight. The researchers, from University College London, said their findings contradict the idea that “fat shaming” helps people shed excess weight.

Fracking can be safe, Truss tells MPs

Fracking can be safe and have a low impact on the environment if it is well-regulated, the Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss has said. Ms Truss told the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee the Government should provide more information to “demystify” it.

President to give east more autonomy

The President says he will grant more autonomy to separatists to keep the country together. Petro Poroshenko said the ceasefire had changed the situation “drastically”. The truce came into effect last Friday in a deal backed by Ukraine, the separatists and Russia.

Festival-goers hand in drugs worth £25k

Festival-goers deposited £25,000 of illegal drugs into amnesty bins at Bestival on the Isle of Wight last weekend. Over £20,000 worth of drugs were seized, 62 drugs offences were recorded and 116 drugs-related stop checks carried out. The overall crime rate also fell by 12 per cent.

Ex-minister is publicly reviled

Thomas Thévenoud has become France’s most despised man after he  was fired from his job as trade minister last week after only nine days. It emerged the Socialist politician had failed to declare his earnings and had a flat  without paying rent for three years.

East Germans live longer since unity

The life expectancy of east Germans has risen sharply since their communist state crumbled and was reunified with the more prosperous West in 1990, a new study shows. Reunification added 6.2 years to the life of men in the former East and 4.2 years to women.

Witness: DLT ‘assault was aggressive act’

The comedian Dave Gorman told a court that colleagues on The Mrs Merton Show believed an alleged assault by Dave Lee Travis on a woman was an “aggressive” rather than “playful” act.

‘Ebola’ victim has malaria, doctors say

Doctors testing a woman suspected of being infected with Ebola have found she is actually suffering from malaria, the regional government said. The region of Marche said on its website the patient, a woman who had recently returned to Italy from Nigeria, remained in hospital.

Cop catches gun offender on Twitter

A Boston gang member who posted photos of himself on Twitter holding guns after he had been banned from having weapons was set to be sentenced to prison yesterday. Kwmaine Davis posted two photos of himself on Twitter at a firing range. A police officer who followed Davis on Twitter saw the photos.

iTunes users fed up about U2 freebie

Hundreds of iTunes users were left disgruntled last night after receiving an automatic free download of U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence. While some fans were pleased, many users took to Twitter to complain: “Why are U2 inflicting their new album on me by sneaking it onto my iTunes library?!” wrote one user.

Brat’s the way to cook a sausage

About 50 people volunteered to carefully grill a 100ft-long, 60lb, bratwurst without burning or breaking it at a bar in Illinois.

Silver Creek Saloon hosted a practice to prepare for the city’s 200th anniversary celebration, where the volunteers will attempt to grill a 200ft-long bratwurst.

Orchestral homage to punk hall of fame

The world’s oldest symphony orchestra, The Hallé, has recorded a homage to Manchester’s Free Trade Hall, the venue where thousands of people claim to have seen the Sex Pistols first perform. The new classical piece is also influenced by Mancunian bands such as The Smiths and Elbow.

Bus from 1914 back in action

A 100-year-old bus has been converted into a First World War “battle bus” and is set to be displayed at the London Transport Museum’s Acton  depot this weekend. The restored 1914 B-type bus will be given a War Department number before touring French and Belgian battlefields.