The News Matrix: Thursday 19 January 2012


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Cameron attacks 'colonial' Argentina

A war of words broke out between Britain and Argentina after David Cameron accused the South American nation of "colonialism" over its claim to the Falkland Islands. The Argentinian government retaliated by condemning the Prime Minister's comments as "absolutely offensive".

'All sides committed war crimes'

A report by Middle Eastern human rights groups says there is evidence that war crimes and human rights violations were committed by all parties – Nato, rebel forces and those loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi – during last year's war in Libya. MORE

Suu Kyi registers as candidate in poll

Flag-waving supporters packed the streets of Rangoon yesterday to see the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi register her candidacy for a parliamentary by-election. It was a sign of confidence in reforms. MORE

Judge rules St Paul's camp can be cleared

Demonstrators camped outside St Paul's Cathedral were last night discussing whether or not to resist eviction after a High Court judge ruled that their "Tent City" protest can be cleared as early as next week. Some protesters said they would disobey the order. MORE

Two die after aircraft crashes on mountain

Two people died after a light aircraft crashed into a mountain in Wales, police confirmed last night. Emergency services were alerted to the incident at Long Mountain in Leighton near Welshpool, Powys, at around midday. Farmer Bryan Morris said the wreckage covered a large area.

NI settles 40 claims for compensation

News International has settled almost 40 phone-hacking compensation claims brought against it as Rupert Murdoch's media empire seeks to limit the damage caused by the scandal ahead of a crucial High Court showdown next month. At a hearing this morning, the company will offer an unreserved apology to those who had their voicemail intercepted. MORE

Shorts or skirts for women boxers?

Debate is raging over what women boxers will wear at London 2012, with bosses of the sport's amateur division meeting to decide whether shorts or skirts are best. More than 50,000 people have signed an online petition demanding women be free to choose what they wear in the ring. MORE

Russia warns West over threats to Iran

Russia's Foreign Minister criticised Western belligerence towards Syria and Iran yesterday, saying a military assault on Iran could destabilise the world. Sergei Lavrov also said Russia would use its veto at the UN to block any resolution calling for military force to be used against Syria. MORE

Police clock up £35k checking the time

Police in London spent more than £35,000 calling the speaking clock in the past two years, figures released under freedom of information laws show. Scotland Yard made 110,000 calls to the service, spending another £200,000 calling directory enquiries. A spokesman said beat bobbies often needed to know the exact time.

Sinclair to edit Huffington Post

Anne Sinclair, wife of the former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been named editor of the new French edition of The Huffington Post website. Her status as a journalist was eclipsed by her husband last year.

Town set to impose a pyjama ban

Residents of Caddo Parish in Louisiana could soon be stopped from wearing pyjamas in public if the town's commissioner, Michael Williams, has his way. "Today it's pyjamas, tomorrow it's underwear. Where does it stop?" Mr Williams said. The move came after a man wearing pyjama trousers exposed himself.

Bible delivery to cost taxpayers £377,000

Taxpayers will "underwrite" the cost of the Education Secretary's decision to send a copy of the King James Bible to every school in Britain. The delivery, which will mark the text's 400th anniversary, will cost around £377,000. Michael Gove said that a number of individuals and organisations could share some of the cost.

Actress is exiled for posing nude

Tehran has told an Iranian actress not to return home after she posed nude for the French magazine Madame Le Figaro. Golshifteh Farahani, who co-starred in Body Of Lies with Leonardo DiCaprio, relocated to Paris a year ago in protest at the ultra-conservative cultural policies which restrict the Iranian film industry.