The News Matrix: Thursday 28 November 2013


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Floods bring death and destruction

A number of days of heavy rain caused great damage across several regions in Iraq last week, destroying homes, leaving a number of people dead and exposing poor infrastructure and the country’s inability to help its own citizens. Now residents are trying to put their lives back together as well as facing a number of other problems including poverty. MORE

Six arrested in match-fixing probe

Six members of an alleged football match-fixing syndicate, including at least three players and a former  Premier League player, have been  arrested. The National Crime Agency said: “The focus of the operation is  a suspected international illegal  betting syndicate.”

Litvinenko files can remain secret

Foreign Secretary William Hague has won a court battle to stop the release of documents related to the death of the former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned in 2006. Lord Justice Goldring quashed the coroner Sir Robert Owen’s  decision to reveal the material.

Boris : judge the rich by their actions

London Mayor Boris Johnson  has said greed may be a “valid  motivator” for “economic progress” but cannot be allowed to lapse into “loadsamoney heartlessness”.  He said the rich should be judged by “what they give and do for the rest  of the population”.

Spain will not search diplomatic bag again

Spain has given an assurance there will be no repeat of the incident in which officials on the border with Gibraltar searched a British diplomatic bag, the Foreign Office has said. The Europe minister David Lidington said the British Embassy had received an “explanation” from the Spanish.

Mitchell must pay legal costs to Sun

The former chief whip Andrew Mitchell has been ordered to pay News Group Newspapers £35,000 in legal costs after losing an appeal over financing his “Plebgate”  libel action.

Conflict over islands extends to the air

China and Japan have been involved in an escalating war of words over a number of islands in the East China Sea, ownership of which both nations claim. After China declared a new airspace zone over the islands, which Japan and the US have both defied, there is a new aerial dimension to the clash. MORE

Online sex snoop  on Muslim ‘radicals’

The National Security Agency has studied the online sexual activity of “prominent radicalisers” to undermine them, suggesting that exposing porn site visits could achieve this. This leak by Edward Snowden was published by The Huffington Post. None of six named Muslims is alleged to be involved in terror plots.