The News Matrix: Thursday 9 August 2012


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Boris: I won't be PM after wire gaffe

London Mayor Boris Johnson said being left dangling at the end of a 150ft-high zip wire at an Olympic event last week could rule him out of contention to be the next Prime Minister. "How could anybody elect a prat who gets stuck in a zip wire?" he said in an ITV interview.

Government makes a £5.5bn saving

The Government has saved £5.5bn by cutting costs from Whitehall departments last year, including £1bn from reduced consultancy spending, the Cabinet Office minister, Francis Maude, will claim today. The savings also saw the Government's property portfolio reduced by £200m.

Military attacks militants in Sinai

Egyptian forces launched air strikes in the Sinai desert in an effort to crack down on Islamic militants blamed for killing 16 Egyptian soldiers during an attempted attack on Israel. The assault was followed by a major security shake-up as President Mohamed Morsi dismissed his intelligence chief. MORE

Obesity is now looming health risk

Plagued for years by war, famine and disease, sub-Saharan Africans face a new threat – obesity. With increasing urbanisation and sedentary lives, a burgeoning middle class and a proliferation of fast-food joints, Africa is starting to experience the ills of the developed world. MORE

Club 18-30 replaced by Club Mum'*'Dad

Millions of young adults are choosing the gentler, and cheaper, pleasures of holidays with their parents over booze-fuelled Club 18-30 package getaways, a survey has found. Almost two million parents are expected to take adult children – with an average age of 30 – on holiday with them this year. MORE

Homeless boy was forced to live in tent

Two councils forced a homeless 16-year-old boy to spend nine months living in a tent and sell his belongings to survive, an inquiry has found. Kent County Council and Dover District Council were criticised by the local government ombudsman for their "inexcusable" handing of the case.

Blurred lenses keep inward vision pure

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Jerusalem are wearing glasses with special stickers on the lenses to block out temptations. The glasses provide clear vision for up to a few metres, so as not to impede movement, but anything beyond that gets blurry – including scantily clad women who might affront their modesty.

Taliban issue death threat to Imran Khan

The Taliban have threatened to kill Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricket star turned politician, if he holds a march to their tribal stronghold to protest against US drone strikes, because Khan calls himself a "liberal".

Food prices forcing millions into hunger

Soaring global food prices are forcing millions into starvation and putting a strain on humanitarian agencies, charities warned last night, ahead of a Downing Street hunger summit. Severe droughts in the United States and Russia and monsoons in India have wiped out crops, leading to a doubling of the cost of wheat in just two months, charities said.

Tables turn for Radio 1 DJs

The tables have turned for those who turn the tables at Radio 1. When Chris Moyles arrived at the station in 1997, the venerable DJ John Peel vowed to "take out" the brash Moyles. Now Moyles, 38, may host the station's 10pm-to-12pm show, once famously Peel's slot. Peel died in 2004. MORE

NewsCorp lost £1bn in three months

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp lost $1.6bn (£1bn) in the three months to the end of June. In the same period in 2011, the company reported a quarterly income of $683m (£436m). Falling advertising sales at Murdoch's Australian newspapers and the closure of the News of the World saw the publishing division's profits dip.

Pussy Riot: case is like Stalin show trial

The Russian band Pussy Riot compared their trial for hooliganism with the show trials of the Stalin era. The trio face up to three years in prison for a "punk prayer" performed in Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral in February that denounced President Putin. page 18

OMG – txtrs go hed 2 hed in NY 4 50k

Eleven contestants vied for the title of "fastest texter" and $50,000 in cash in New York last night. The three rounds included texting while blindfolded, texting with hands behind backs and "Text Blitz", where phrases are shown to the contestants and they have to copy them as fast as they can.