The News Matrix: Thursday 9 October 2014


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Healthy food is now preserve of wealthy

The price gap between healthy and unhealthy foods is widening, leaving poorer people struggling to eat well, a study has found. Healthy products now cost an average of three times more than less healthy alternatives, researchers said. In 2012, 1,000 kilocalories of healthy food cost an average of £7.49, whereas less healthy alternatives cost on average £2.50.

Good schools to get more inspections

Schools ranked as good by schools  inspectors will face more frequent inspections under new proposals unveiled by Ofsted, the education standards watchdog. The chief schools inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, said he was concerned that too many schools “slip back”.

Joint endeavour to find Cook’s  ship

An Australian university has teamed up with a US marine archaeologist to try and find Captain Cook’s Endeavour for the 250th anniversary of his discovery of Australia. Kathy Abbass has been trying to locate the ship’s remains in Rhode Island’s Newport Harbour.

US pilot crashes in Lincolnshire field

A pilot with the US Air Force has escaped serious injury after ejecting as his fighter jet came down in a Lincolnshire field. Emergency services were called to reports of the incident near Broadgate in Weston Hills yesterday afternoon.  The pilot left the area by helicopter.

Central Park bear cub was killed by car

The 3ft baby bear found dead in New York’s Central Park appears to have been hit by a car. The Department of Environmental Conservation’s wildlife unit said the bear was killed by “blunt force trauma consistent with a motor vehicle collision”. The female cub was about 6 months old.

Lord Hill confirmed as EU commissioner

Lord Hill was confirmed as the EU commissioner for financial services last night by a margin of 45-13 after the Conservative politician had faced questions from MEPs for a second time. His background in public relations came under scrutiny during the questioning in Brussels.

Dewani ‘paid £830 for wife’s killing’

Shrien Dewani wanted his wife dead, the hitman convicted of murdering his wife has claimed. Mziwamadoda Qwabe, 29, told a court that he and an accomplice demanded £830 for shooting Anni Dewani.

Perry takes potshot at ‘Great White Male’

Potter Grayson Perry has declared that the days of control by white, middle-class, heterosexual men in Britain “may be numbered”. Writing in the New Statesman the Turner Prize-winner claimed that the dominance of the “Great White Male” may be coming to an end.

Man tries to trade home for iPhone 6

The owner of a decrepit house in Detroit says he is willing to swap his property for an iPhone 6. The home was initially listed at $5,000 (£3,100), then reduced to $3,000. There were no buyers. His estate agent told Fox News: “My client is overseas and he told me he would be willing to trade the property for an iPhone 6.”

Fish that had its chips stages a revival

Britain’s rarest freshwater fish is staging a revival in the Lake District after decades of decline. As recently as 2008 the vendace – known as freshwater herring – was on the brink of extinction in England. However, a breeding population of the rare fish has been discovered in Bassenthwaite Lake.

‘Obama beach’ proposal scrapped

A Honolulu City Council proposal to name a popular Oahu beach after Barack Obama, the first US President born in Hawaii, has been withdrawn after the plan met with little enthusiasm from the public. A resolution was introduced last week to honour Mr Obama by renaming Sandy Beach Park after him.

100,000 vehicles use private toll road

A private toll road between Bath and Bristol has welcomed its 100,000th vehicle. Mike Watts, 62, is charging motorists £2 per journey. Mr Watts spent £150,000 building the road and estimates it will cost a further £150,000 in running costs – leaving him with a £300,000 bill. He has so far recouped two thirds of the cash.

Top Gear team to face court ruling

A judge in Argentina will consider if the Top Gear team broke the law by driving under unauthorised number plates, as it emerged a Porsche driven by Jeremy Clarkson was carrying spare plates with the number BE11 END. This prompted calls for Tony Hall, the BBC Director General, to investigate the issue.