The News Matrix: Tuesday 15 February 2011

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Shock report shows extent of child abuse

Up to one million school children have been attacked, abused or neglected, the first comprehensive questioning of 11- to 17-year-olds suggests. One in five said they had been subjected to severe maltreatment and one in 20 complained of sexual abuse. MORE

Sony announces ‘PlayStation’ phone

Sony Ericsson has unveiled its new gaming phone to be launched in April. The Xperia Play will have a large touch screen and control buttons and will run Google’s Android operating system, which plays versions of PlayStation games.

Three British troops killed in one day

Three British servicemen were killed in Helmand province yesterday. A paratrooper from 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, died in an explosion, while two men of the Royal Logistic Corps died in a “domestic” fire at Camp Bastion.

Radiohead release deluxe £33 album

Radiohead is to release their eighth new album on Saturday, bypassing major record labels. King of Limbs will be available to download from their website. A physical version will be released later in the year. MORE

Banned democracy rally goes ahead

Thousands of Iranians marched in Tehran yesterday to show support for the uprising in Egypt and to protest against their own government. Police responded to the banned rally by firing tear gas into the crowds and arresting dozens of protesters. MORE

Chelsea owner drops in Russian rich list

Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich has been knocked out of his top-three spot on Russia’s rich list by Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov. MORE

Billionaire’s ex-lover loses claim to fortune

A barman-turned-feng shui expert has lost his appeal to secure control of the multibillion-pound fortune of the late property tycoon Nina Wang. Tony Chan was the former lover of the eccentric billionaire known as “Little Sweetie”.

Private firms may get role in Big Society

David Cameron’s relaunch of his Big Society agenda has hit trouble after it emerged that American firms could take over the running of libraries in Britain. LSSI, an American company which manages 13 public libraries across the US, aims to manage eight British local authority libraries by December and capture 15 per cent of the market within five years. MORE

Elderly NHS patients being ‘mistreated’

Elderly people treated by the NHS were denied basic standards of care, according to a scathing report by the Health Service Ombudsman that reveals a service rife with ageism. Many patients were left hungry, thirsty and unwashed. MORE

Critics attack Kent airport proposals

Plans to create a new regional airport, handling up to two million passengers a year in Lydd, Kent, one of the most environmentally sensitive corners of England, have been condemned by the Government’s wildlife agency, Natural England. MORE

Beijing plans rival to Panama canal

Talks between Colombia and China to build a transport route to rival the Panama Canal are “quite advanced”. A 220km rail line bisecting the neck of Colombia just south of Panama could become a symbol of China’s economic incursion into South America. MORE

Killed-off Archers star slams BBC bosses

Graham Seed, better known as the late Nigel Pargetter from The Archers, has attacked BBC Radio 4 bosses for not understanding their audience. The actor who played Nigel for 27 years on the radio drama before he was killed off told Equity magazine: “I’m worried that Radio 4 is behaving increasingly like a commercial radio station.” MORE

Kissing couples bid Valentine’s record

Fourteen couples spent Valentine’s Day with their lips locked in an attempt to beat the world record for the longest kiss. They hoped to go the distance for 32 hours with their lips constantly touching, even when they visited the bathroom or had a drink. One woman fainted after just 34 minutes.

Artist’s sunflowers lose their glow

The pigment in Vincent van Gogh’s yellow paint has dulled his famous sunflower paintings over the years, scientists have discovered. X-rays show a “reduction” reaction has dulled the colour. MORE

Woman fends off tiger with soup ladle

A woman armed only with a wooden soup ladle saved her husband from a tiger attack deep in the Malaysian jungle. Tambun Gediu was out hunting squirrels when the big cat pounced on him in northern Perak state, forcing his 55-year-old wife to strike the animal on its head. MORE