The News Matrix: Tuesday 15 May 2012


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Scotland to bring in 50p minimum price

The Scottish Government has said it will set a minimum price for alcohol of 50p per unit to tackle drink-related illness. A 50p minimum price would take the price of four 440ml cans of 9 per cent lager to a minimum of £7.92, while cheap own-brand products would increase in cost.

Takeaway owner guilty of sex crimes

A Carlisle takeaway owner has been convicted of inciting four girls aged 12 to 16 into prostitution, running a brothel and paying teenagers for sexual services. The married father-of-four, Azad Miah, 44, was told he faces prison for stalking and hounding troubled girls. He will be sentenced today at Carlisle Crown Court.

Fisherman to sue cruise ship owner

A Panamanian fisherman has filed a lawsuit against the owners of a luxury cruise ship, claiming that it failed to come to his rescue as he drifted in a stricken boat with two friends, even though passengers on the liner saw them signalling for help and told crew members. MORE

Candidate Paul says: I've spent enough

Ron Paul says he is finished spending millions on his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. But yesterday the favourite of the Tea Party conservatives insisted he would continue his fight for delegates.

Compensate victims of air raids, Nato told

A human rights organisation has called on Nato to compensate survivors of airstrikes in Libya which killed civilians. At least 72 people – a third of them under the age of 18 – were killed by Nato airstrikes, says Human Rights Watch. It says Nato should acknowledge the casualties and pay compensation.

Arson suspected as sixth child loses life

A house fire that killed six siblings was deliberately set and is being treated as arson, police have said. The fire at a family home in Allenton, Derby, instantly claimed the lives of five Philpott children, and their 13-year-old brother Duwayne has since died in intensive care. MORE

Palestinians agree to call off hunger strike

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails agreed yesterday to an Egyptian-brokered deal aimed at ending a mass hunger strike that challenged Israel's policy of detention without trial. Some 1,600 of the 4,800 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, began refusing food on April 17. MORE

Briton stabbed in Vegas spa 'brothel'

A British tourist is in hospital in Las Vegas with life-threatening stab wounds after a dispute at a spa. The attack took place at a Las Vegas business licensed as a health spa that investigators believe was really a front for prostitution. Five women and a man were arrested when police arrived after the attack.

Campbell downplays Murdoch influence

Former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks learns today if she faces criminal charges over the hacking scandal. Yesterday Alastair Campbell told the Leveson Inquiry he "could not remember" details of phone calls between Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair before the Iraq War, but that it was "nonsense" to say the war could not have happened without Murdoch's backing. MORE

Gulf state discusses union with Bahrain

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain discussed a political union at a meeting in Riyadh yesterday in a development that could see the tiny Gulf kingdom largely absorbed by its neighbour. Critics say it might affect the line of succession in Bahrain, where there is unrest and calls for reform. MORE

Rioters thought life was easy, PM told

The Dalai Lama, who plans to give his £1.1m Templeton Prize money to charity, has revealed he wrote to David Cameron after last year's riots, saying they were caused by young people "brought up to believe life was just easy".

Lenin makes a comeback

Lenin's name has reappeared at the Gdansk shipyard where Lech Walesa led his anti-communist movement. The mayor decided to have a sign bearing the Russian revolutionary's name restored as a historic monument. It will also provide an accurate backdrop as director Andrzej Wajda makes a film about Walesa.

Jackson's clothing to go on world tour

A collection of costumes worn by the late Michael Jackson is going on a global tour starting next month ahead of an auction in Beverly Hills in December. The exhibit, to open in Santiago, Chile on Friday, will include one of the singer's signature crystal-covered gloves, a military-style jacket and a silver spandex leotard.

Oxford winning the electric car race

Oxford will become the "electric vehicle capital of Europe" today when 60 new charging points for the cars go live. There will be one point for every 2,400 people – the best ratio in Europe. Britain dominates the top list of electric-friendly locations, with London having 654 points, the most of any European city. MORE

Baldwin 'stalker' appears in court

A Canadian actress who appeared in court yesterday accused of stalking Alec Baldwin claims she had a good reason for contacting him. Baldwin and Genevieve Sabourin met on the set of 2002 sci-fi comedy The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Ms Sabourin was arrested after authorities said she sent the star emails begging him to marry her.