The News Matrix: Tuesday 15 November 2011


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Nuke tests gave me cancer, says veteran

A Royal Navy veteran involved in testing nuclear devices in the 1950s claims he developed "lumps on his arms" shortly after. Archie Hart, 74, was diagnosed with cancer 45 years later. He and hundreds of ex-servicemen are fighting for compensation at London's Supreme Court.

Monti races to form new government

The new Prime Minister-designate Mario Monti has begun a week of frenetic meetings with politicians, business leaders and unions in the race to have a new unity government sworn in by Friday. The need for speed was underlined by nervousness in the money markets. MORE

Boy used war ploy to rape pensioner

A teenage boy allegedly raped a woman in her 70s after knocking on her door and asking if he could talk about the war. Police in Banbury, Oxfordshire, are on the hunt for a boy of around 14 who entered the pensioner's home at around 9am on Saturday.

Mass killer Breivik appears in court

Anders Behring Breivik, who admits killing 77 people in July, appeared in court yesterday and tried to address survivors of the attacks, before the judge ordered him to remain in prison for 12 more weeks. It was the first time Breivik has appeared in public since the massacre. MORE

Riot police move in on protest camp

Police yesterday moved into an anti-Wall Street protester encampment in Oakland, California. As part of an expected clearing operation, police in riot gear took down more than 100 tents as a separate line of officers stopped people entering. MORE

Cameron warns EU is 'out of touch'

David Cameron attacked the European Union at his annual foreign policy speech, despite claiming Britain would be worse off if it left the 27-nation club. The Prime Minister said the EU is "out of touch" with reality and projects an image of "alarm and crisis" to the rest of the world. MORE

Cain's wife breaks silence on sex claims

The wife of Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain has defended him against allegations from four women that he inappropriately propositioned them. Gloria Cain insisted that he "totally respects women". MORE

MPs call for tax cuts to speed recovery

Backbench Tory MPs are calling on the Chancellor, George Osborne, to introduce tax cuts to help Britain's economic recovery. The politicians are trying to speed up plans to cut corporation tax and giving a national insurance holiday for small firms. MORE

US and Jordan urge Assad to step down

King Abdullah and the White House heaped further pressure on President Bashar al-Assad yesterday when they called for the embattled Syrian dictator to stand down. The intervention came days after the Arab League voted to suspend Syria's membership due to its repeated attacks on pro-democracy demonstrators. MORE

Missiles may be used to protect venues

The 2012 Olympic venues could be protected by surface-to-air missiles, according to Defence Secretary Philip Hammond. His statement in the House of Commons was possibly intended to ease US concerns that initial security plans for the Games were not adequate. MORE

TV chef 'devastated' over contamination

TV chef Loyd Grossman was said to be "devastated" on discovering two children were poisoned by one of his sauces. The pair, from the same family in central Scotland, were treated in hospital for botulism after eating Loyd Grossman branded korma sauce, made by Premier Foods.

Probe into neo-Nazi undercover spy link

Germany's intelligence services are investigating whether members of a neo-Nazi terror gang responsible for a series of bomb attacks and murders were double agents who also worked covertly as Secret Service informers. MORE

Smart children 'more likely to use drugs'

Intelligent children are more likely to use illegal drugs in later life, according to a study into IQ scores and drug abuse. Of the 8,000 people who took part, those whose IQs came in the top third at ages five and 10 were at greater risk of misusing drugs between 16 and 30. MORE

Humphrey hippo kills his owner

A South African farmer has been killed by his pet hippopotamus, Humphrey. Marius Els, 41, was discovered submerged in a river running through his 400-acre farm.

Timberlake takes up YouTube invite

Justin Timberlake has followed through on a promise to take US marine Kelsey De Santis to her unit's annual ball. The singer and actor posted a photo of the event on his website and said that Saturday's Marine Corps Ball was "one of the most moving evenings I've ever had."

Hospital will post patient feedback

Britain's first privately-run NHS hospital will publish patient feedback on the internet on a weekly basis for the public to see. All patients at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire will be asked to rate medical treatment, food and care, and offer suggestions. MORE

Baroness lets her fingers do talking

A somewhat unparliamentary gesture met a Lord's patronising comments in the House of Lords this week. Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich, an 89-year-old Conservative life peer, appeared offended when her colleague Lord King of Bridgwater gestured towards her to illustrate the age of Second World War veterans, and made her feelings known.

Rolex returned to former Arsenal star

Former Arsenal player Lauren, whose Rolex was stolen more than six years ago, has been reunited with the watch after police raided homes in Essex and London. The Cameroonian said he was "really pleased" that the Rolex Daytona was found among £500,000 worth of stolen goods.

Chelsea Clinton to be NBC correspondent

The daughter of the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and former President Bill Clinton will be a special correspondent for NBC, the network announced yesterday. Chelsea Clinton will report for NBC Nightly News and the network's news magazine show. MORE

Military serves up some new training

Russia's Defence Ministry is hoping to keep soldiers and recruits fighting fit by buying 10,000 badminton rackets and tens of thousands of shuttlecocks next year. The move comes after President Dmitry Medvedev praised badminton in an online clip last month.

'Big Brother' plan for Oxford taxis

The Information Commissioner's Office is investigating plans to fit all taxis in Oxford with recording devices. Drivers have been told they must install the £460 devices, labelled a "staggering invasion of privacy" by the director of Big Brother Watch, by 2015 at the latest. MORE