The News Matrix: Tuesday 18 September 2012


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Badger cull 'crazy', says scientific expert

A scientist who led a nine-year study into the effect of badger culling on rates of bovine TB has described the Government's plan to go ahead with culls as "crazy". Lord Krebs said: "I would go down the vaccination and biosecurity route rather than this crazy scheme that may deliver very small advantage." MORE

Briton in drugs case will not be executed

A British property developer, Paul Beales, was told he faces up to 20 years in jail for possessing and trying to sell a small quantity of drugs. But he will avoid the death penalty despite also being accused of involvement in a failed attempt to smuggle £1.6m of cocaine into Bali. MORE

Iain Duncan Smith defends reforms

Iain Duncan Smith defended his new benefit system in the Commons. He said shifting to one monthly benefit under the universal credit system would help wean claimants off fortnightly payments, and support would be given to those concerned about the internet-run system. MORE

Bold Burberry bounces back

Burberry bounced back from a share price drop with a stellar show at London Fashion Week yesterday. The fashion house took on a radical approach to their traditional trench by showing it in metallic colours. MORE

That iPhone call may be delayed...

Apple customers may have to wait weeks for their iPhone 5 to be delivered after two million units were sold in just one day. Despite the delivery date of the company's latest smartphone being this Friday, Apple admitted that "many" customers may not get one until next month.

US 'was warned of possibility of attack'

Libyan security say that they warned the US of a possible assault on its consulate in Benghazi three days before an attack killed the American ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three others. The news follows a disclosure by this newspaper that the American administration knew of a planned attack by al-Qa'ida-linked insurgents two days beforehand. MORE

I sentence you to be man and wife …

A judge who sentenced a man to four years in jail for firearms charges performed a marriage ceremony minutes later to wed the new inmate and his longtime girlfriend. Larry Austin shared a brief kiss with bride Dustie Trojack before officials whisked him off to prison in Oklahoma.

18lb onion is 10th title for gardener

A gardener has broken his own world record for the largest onion, growing one with a weight of 18lbs 1oz. Peter Glazebrook, 78, has held a total of 10 world records over 30 years of gardening, including one for a 119lb 12oz marrow.

Drought reveals sunken treasures

A huge cargo of carved marble that sank in the Vistula river four centuries ago has resurfaced after a drought lowered water levels. Experts believe the stonework was looted by 17th century Swedish invaders and loaded on to barges, which sank.

Romney woos Hispanic voters

Mitt Romney was due last night to pledge to Hispanics that if elected he will fix the US immigration system in an appeal to a voter bloc that overwhelmingly favours Barack Obama. Mr Romney will add a commitment to get a handle on America's problem of rising national debt and massive budget deficits. MORE

Foreign fighters 'are radicalising rebels '

The number of foreign fighters in Syria is growing, some operating independently and some joining anti-government forces which they are helping to make more radical, UN human rights investigators said. August was the worst month for casualties so far in the conflict. MORE

Barlow to perform at classical awards

Lord Lloyd-Webber and Gary Barlow will join the Military Wives choir to perform their hit single, Sing, at the Classic Brit Awards next month. The song, composed for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, was recorded with artists from around the world.