The News Matrix: Tuesday 25 October 2011

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Quake rescue teams hear calls for help

Thousands of people worked frantically yesterday to save survivors from the devastating earthquake in eastern Turkey despite a lack of equipment. As the death toll rose yesterday afternoon to 265, with 1,140 injured, rescue teams described hearing calls for help from beneath the rubble. MORE

Man denies plot to kill Joss Stone

A man has appeared in court to deny charges linked to an alleged plot to kidnap and kill soul singer Joss Stone. Kevin Liverpool, 34, appeared at Exeter Crown Court yesterday to plead not guilty to conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to commit GBH and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Javan rhino down to less than 50

The critically endangered Javan rhinoceros has become extinct in Vietnam. A small population was discovered in the country in 1988 but efforts to conserve them have failed. Less than 50 individuals remain in a park in Indonesia.

‘Rioters were poor and not in gangs’

Most of the young rioters arrested during this summer’s violence in English cities came from deprived homes, struggled at schools and lived in poor neighbourhoods, a Government study concludes. The findings contradicts Cabinet ministers’ claims the riots were fuelled by a gang culture. MORE

Playing outside is good for young eyes

Children who spend a lot of time outside in natural light are less likely to be short-sighted compared to children who tend to play inside, scientists said yesterday. Myopia is becoming more common as the trend for indoor activities has grown.

Islamist party in line for election victory

Counting was under way last night for votes in Tunisia’s first free election, with a once-banned Islamist party on track to victory. The Progressive Democratic Party conceded defeat to the moderate Islamic Ennahda party, which showed a lead around the country. MORE

Argentina: Fernández re-elected on 54% landslide

President Cristina Fernández has been re-elected by a landslide, with the widest margin since the country’s return to democracy in 1983. The Peronist leader took 54 per cent of the vote in Sunday’s election. MORE

Winehouse report ‘sent to stranger’

Confidential documents about the death of Amy Winehouse may have been sent to the wrong address, police have said. The report reached a member of the public, rather than the singer’s family, and were handed in to a police station after the error. MORE

Assange asks for cash to keep website alive

WikiLeaks has suspended its publication schedule in order to launch a new fundraising drive as founder Julian Assange admitted that his organisation could be bankrupt by the end of the year. The 40-year-old Australian transparency campaigner yesterday detailed how the ongoing embargo against the whistleblowing website by a string of US financial companies has cut donations by 95 per cent. MORE

Fizzy drinks ‘make teenagers violent’

Fizzy drinks may make teenagers more aggressive, American scientists claim. Those who consumed at least five cans of cola and similar drinks a week were significantly more likely to have carried a gun or knife, or been involved in a fight, according to a study of 14 to 18-year-olds. MORE

Passengers hurt as bus roof ripped off

Eighteen commuters were injured yesterday when the entire roof of a double-decker bus was torn off after it hit a tree. Seven people were taken to hospital after the accident on Fishponds Road in Bristol during the morning rush hour. The roof landed 100 yards down the road.

2012 key player quits to take up new post

One of the architects behind London’s 2012 Olympic bid has stepped down just a year before the Games. Alison Nimmo is leaving the Olympic Delivery Authority after eight years with the organisation to become the new Crown Estate chief executive.

Ex Blur drummer eyes MP job – again

The former drummer of Blur is hoping to finally get elected after repeated attempts to become a Labour party politician. Colchester-born Dave Rowntree, 47, is on a selection shortlist which will decide who stands for the party in Norwich South.

Morning tanning could be safer

Scientists have found evidence to suggest morning sunbathing may be safer. The study by the University of North Carolina revealed the skin’s ability to withstand damage from ultraviolet radiation varies at different times of the day.

Highway patrol on look out for 25m bees

A lorry carrying millions of bees overturned in southern Utah, starting a desperate hunt to capture the swarm. Around 25 million of the insects were released in the motorway spill on Sunday. Drivers in the area were advised to keep windows closed until all the bees were recovered.

Janet Jackson reschedules tour

The singer Janet Jackson is rescheduling part of her Australian tour so she can support her family during the trial of the doctor accused of involuntary manslaughter in her brother Michael’s death.

Mother sues over boy’s eBay scam

A Sydney woman is suing four of Australia’s biggest banks for allegedly allowing her 14-year-old son to launder his $200,000 in profits from an eBay scam. Her suspicions were raised when the teen started buying designer clothes and renting Sydney Harbour apartments. MORE

Debenhams unveils catalogue service

Department store Debenhams has launched its first homewares catalogue. The high-street store is hoping to use the publication to boost sales of electrical goods and furniture. It ran a catalogue service between 1997 and 2004 but it was scrapped to allow the firm to focus on online sales.

Sign no more protest at Bard ‘fraud’ movie

Shakespeare’s name is being temporarily removed from pub and street signs in his home county of Warwickshire to campaign against a new film questioning whether the Bard was “a fraud”. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust said the movie, Anonymous, tries to “rewrite English culture and history”.

Bread, water – and 2,600 beers for lags

Officials at a prison for police officers in Rio de Janeiro are investigating who ordered 2,600 cans of beer, which were delivered on Sunday night. The jail was already in the spotlight over its inmates’ lifestyle after newspapers published photos of a party thrown by an officer charged with 16 murders.