The News Matrix: Tuesday 3 February 2015


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Three-parent babies ‘need more testing’

A leading fertility expert has warned that further testing must be carried out before Britain goes ahead with a so-called three-parent baby technique. Professor Justin St John, director of the Centre for Genetic Diseases at Monash University in Australia, said that studies on large animals such as monkeys are critical in order to answer unresolved questions.

It could be quicker (and cheaper) by bus

A network of high-speed bus and coach roads would save the country billions of pounds and cut fares for passengers, according to a new report published by the Institute for Economic Affairs. It suggests buses could be just as quick as trains for shorter trips and cheaper.

Man freed after 20 years on death row

A man who spent more than two decades on Delaware’s death row has been freed. Jermaine Wright, 42, walked out of prison on Friday. A judge noted that Wright was under the influence of heroin and not properly advised of his rights during the police interrogation.

Plugging in before bed can affect sleep

Too much exposure to television screens, smartphones, tablets and computers can affect teenagers’ sleep patterns, new research has found. Researchers in Norway found that the longer a young person spent looking at a screen before bed, the worse sleep they had.

Bird flu discovered at UK chicken farm

A case of bird flu has been discovered among chickens at a farm in Hampshire, the Government said yesterday. The disease was said to pose a “very low risk to human health”. A poultry movement restriction zone has been imposed and the birds are to be culled.

Suicide bomber dies in vehicle blast

A female suicide bomber killed herself yesterday when she exploded a vehicle packed with explosives near a stadium where the President had just held rally in the north-eastern city of Gombe. There were no other casualties. The explosion occurred a mile from the venue.

Obama unveils tax help for middle class

President Barack Obama unveiled measures designed to ease tax pressures on the middle class in his latest budget, likely to meet strident opposition in a Congress controlled by the Republicans.

Extremists ‘plotted to blow up train’

A prosecutor says two men charged with plotting to attack a passenger train travelling from Toronto to New York were motivated by Islamic extremism. Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier face multiple charges in the alleged plot. They have pleaded not guilty.

Bomb scare bag  was perfectly safe

A suspicious package that led to an investigation by explosives experts in New York turned out to be a bag of more than 1,000 condoms. A canine unit and explosives experts were initially called to the scene when the large silver bag was found at a bus station. Police said no owner had so far come forward.

Magna what? Young Britons fail the test

One in two young British adults do not know what Magna Carta is, a survey suggests. More than 2,000 British adults were questioned in the survey for ITV News to mark its 800th anniversary. Only 51 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds correctly named the historical document as part of Britain’s uncodified constitution. Seven per cent thought it was the official name of the American declaration of independence and three per cent believed it was a Latin prayer.

McDonald’s ‘special sauce’ goes on sale

McDonald’s has for the first time bottled its trademark “special sauce”, used in Big Mac burgers. Just 200 500ml bottles are being produced, the first of which is being auctioned for charity in Australia on eBay. It has already received 135 bids, with the price up to A$23,000 (£12,000) with seven days still to go.

TripAdvisor ‘a threat to bona fide hotels’

Review websites such as TripAdvisor are littered with “warped and twisted criticism” which threatens the livelihood of bona fide businesses, hotelier Alex Polizzi has said. Ms Polizzi said those posting reviews about their stays should “think before you click” when leaving a comment.

$35,000 raised for walking worker

A story about a Detroit man who commutes about 21 miles a day on foot to and from work has spurred reaction across the US and led social media fundraisers to raise more than $35,000 (£23,000) for him. James Robertson has walked to the industrial plastic moulding plant for the past 10 years.