The News Matrix: Tuesday 3 May 2011

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Antibiotics ‘increase obesity rates’

Scientists believe that the widespread use of antibiotics may be playing a significant role in exacerbating obesity. Growing evidence suggests antibiotics affect bacteria in the intestine, which influences whether some people put on weight. MORE

Foreign Office to cut back on consulates

Britain’s representation in Europe is to be scaled back dramatically in a restructuring of its embassies and consulates. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will close up to 12 consulates in countries including France and Germany. MORE

Former French PM returns to court

Former French prime minister Dominique de Villepin is back in court, after he was acquitted last year of condoning a plot to discredit Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. MORE

Threat to Berlusconi over forces in Libya

The allied campaign in Libya faced fresh troubles last night after Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition partners, the Northern League, threatened to bring his government down unless he withdrew Italian forces. Parliament will consider a motion this month.

Family found dead with knife wounds

A couple and two children found dead had all suffered knife wounds, detectives said last night. The family members are thought to have been attacked at home in Wootton, Northampton, where they were discovered last night. MORE

Kinnock attacks anti-AV Labour members

Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has launched a strong attack on colleagues who have campaigned against the alternative vote. Mr Kinnock said he “simply cannot understand” how John Reid, Margaret Beckett, John Prescott and David Blunkett could back the Tories supporting a system that kept Labour out of power for decades. MORE

Walkers airlifted out of forest fire with dog

Six walkers and a dog were airlifted to safety by a search-and-rescue helicopter when a forest fire in north-west Scotland threatened to engulf them. Meanwhile, three suspected arsonists are being hunted by police over gorse fires in Northern Ireland. MORE

Lack of training on asthma ‘risks lives’

A lack of training given to GPs in treating asthma is risking lives, a charity has warned. A survey for Asthma UK revealed education on the condition is not a priority despite more than half of GPs saying the number of deaths could be reduced with better care. MORE

Cinemas boycott studios in rental row

Cinema chains could refuse to show major films in a showdown with two leading production studios over home viewing. Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox are expected to launch a premium video-on-demand service allowing people to watch films online as soon as a month after release. MORE

Emma Watson tops best-dressed poll

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has cast her magic over a list of the world’s best-dressed women. Ms Watson, 21, gained the No1 slot in Glamour magazine’s Best- Dressed Women List, as voted for by readers in an online poll.

1816 windmill spins again in London

Residents in Brixton, south London, were yesterday celebrating the reopening of an historic 19th-century windmill which fell derelict in the 1970s. Ashby’s Mill, built in 1816, has now been fully restored after a fundraising effort by a local community group. MORE

Naked protest in Tate to support Ai Weiwei

A yoga teacher gave Tate Modern visitors an eye-opener yesterday as she stripped off in support of detained Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei. Charlotte Eaton walked naked across the artist’s sunflower seeds installation with “freedom” and “thank you Ai Weiwei” written on her body.