The News Matrix: Tuesday 7 June 2011

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Ministers caught out over university fees

Ministers “significantly” underestimated the number of universities which will charge maximum £9,000 tuition fees, according to a report by the Public Accounts Select Committee, adding that it was unclear if the rises would hit applications.

PM’s brother in wire-tap trial

Silvio Berlusconi’s brother is to stand trial over allegations that he illegally published details of a wire-tapped conversation in his newspaper. MORE

Judge arrested after third dog attack

A crown court judge was arrested yesterday and her dogs seized after one attacked a passer-by for the third time in a year. Beatrice Bolton was walking her two German shepherds in Rothbury, Northumberland, when one bit a man’s leg. MORE

New president vows to share the wealth

Left-wing ex-army commander Ollanta Humala is Peru’s new president, beating right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori. He vowed the poor will share the country’s new wealth, but markets plummeted on fears he will ruin the economy. MORE

IMF backs Osborne over deficit cuts

Chancellor George Osborne received a boost today after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said now was not the time to ease up on his deficit-reducing plans. The IMF said there had been “unexpected” weaknesses in the UK economy recently. MORE

Health staff ‘tortured for confessions’

Some of the 47 doctors and nurses on trial in Bahrain yesterday told relatives they were beaten and forced to eat faeces. They are accused of trying to overthrow the government but say all they did was treat injured pro-democracy protesters. MORE

Police face questions over double killing

Police were facing questions last night about their contact with a mother and her daughter, aged two, who were found shot dead in their home. Detectives said that for two years they had been aware of a number of incidents involving the victims Christine Chambers, 38, and Shania, and a man in custody, named as her partner, David Oakes, 50. MORE

Wool prices force up cost of a suit by 10%

Suit prices are set to rise 10 per cent this year as wool prices have doubled in Australia, the world’s biggest producer of wool. Prices rose to a record $14.85 (£9.05) a kg last week, while globally wool output is at its lowest level for 85 years. MORE

Police raid on yoga guru was ‘only way’

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he had no alternative but to send police with tear gas and batons to forcibly end a peaceful anti-graft protest by a yoga guru and his followers, after a court called on the government to justify its actions. MORE

Policeman’s wife ‘in £10m property fraud’

A policeman’s wife took part in a £10m mortgage scam in exchange for cars and money to buy a new house, a court heard yesterday. Mary-Jane Rathie, a senior surveyor, allegedly overvalued top London properties in return for “gifts” of more than £1m, jurors were told.

Man charged for paying bill in pennies

A US man has been charged with disorderly conduct after paying for a medical bill with 2,500 pennies. Jason West went to the clinic in Vernal, Utah on May 27 prepared to dispute a $25 (£15) bill. After asking whether they accepted cash, he dumped 2,500 one-cent coins on the counter.

Theme park issues a no-scream challenge

A theme park is challenging people to try its most extreme rides without screaming. Thorpe Park in Surrey issued its June 15 “silent ride challenge” to see if it makes a difference to the normal day of shouting.

Waterlogged kids blag a boat from blog

Children in the Philippine mangrove village of Layag-layag no longer have to swim to school after a blogger raised money for a motorboat. Pupils previously arrived for lessons in sodden clothes if they could not hitch a ride on fishing boats, swimming with their books held over their heads.

Rare bird has nothing to grouse about

Rare black grouse are fighting back this year after their numbers fell to an all-time low in 2010. Numbers of male black grouse in northern England climbed to 1,200 in 2007, but cold and rainy summers in 2007 and 2008, followed by the harsh winter of 2009-10, saw numbers decline to 500.

Jacko’s ‘Thriller’ jacket up at auction

The jacket Michael Jackson wore in his “Thriller” video is expected to raise $200,000 (£122,000) at a Beverly Hills auction later this month. One of the singer’s wigs will also go under the hammer.