The News Matrix: Wednesday 1 August 2012


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Paedophile's ex-wife to be freed from jail

The ex-wife of Marc Dutroux who aided her husband's abuse and killing of young girls was approved for early release from prison, infuriating victims' parents. Michelle Martin, 52, received a 30-year term in 2004.

Children frightened by tough campaigns

Hard-hitting advertising campaigns aimed at discouraging drink-driving or raising money for charity are frightening children. The Advertising Standards Authority has found that three in 10 children aged 11 to 16 have been unsettled by an advert in the past 12 months. MORE

Campaigners call for levy on plastic bags

Environmental campaigners will today demand a levy on plastic bags in England, which, unlike the rest of the UK, has no plans for a charge. They include the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Keep Britain Tidy, and Marine Conservation Society. There was a five per cent rise in plastic bags given out by stores in the UK last year.

A third would prefer Cable to Osbourne

A third of members of the public would rather see Vince Cable as Chancellor than George Osborne, according to a ComRes poll. The Business Secretary is also preferred to Mr Osborne for the Treasury post by more than one in five Conservative supporters. MORE

Obesity is a factor in C-section infections

One in 10 women who has a baby by caesarean section suffers infection after surgery, with the highest rates among the obese. A study of 4,100 women is the first to link obesity with such problems and was published in the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Man 'smuggled drugs in choc bars'

A California man faces federal drug charges for allegedly trying to smuggle more than 4lb of methamphetamine to Japan in what looked like dozens of Snickers bars. Rogelio Mauricio Harris, 34, of Long Beach, was arrested last week at Los Angeles International Airport as he prepared to board a flight to Japan.

Facebook party man to pay police costs

A German court has handed a 20-year-old man a €227,000 (£178,457) bill to cover police costs after he organised an illegal party through Facebook. The man told Bild am Sonntag that he attended a number of other parties announced on Facebook and got the idea to have an even bigger event at a public beach.