The News Matrix: Wednesday 11 June 2014


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Red meat linked to breast cancer risk

The consumption of red meat in early adulthood could be linked to a greater risk of breast cancer. A team of US researchers analysed the dietary habits of 89,000 women aged 26 to 43 in 1991. In the 20-year follow-up period, medical records identified 2,830 cases of breast cancer. A higher intake of red meat was associated with a 22 per cent increased risk of breast cancer overall.

Taliban mount new assault on airport

Gunmen attacked a training facility for police near Karachi airport yesterday, forcing a suspension of flights and triggering a brief shoot-out with security forces, barely a day after a Taliban assault on the country’s busiest airfield, in which more than 30 people were killed. MORE

Gove adviser was warned in 2010

Elena Narozanski was warned in 2010 that Muslim hardliners were trying to take control of Birmingham schools, i has learned. The adviser to Education Secretary Michael Gove was informed that Muslim governors were attempting to destabilise head teachers.

‘Police must act against harassment’

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has told police chiefs to take firm action against sexual harassment, after women were assaulted at a celebration to mark his recent victory election in Egypt. In a statement yesterday, his office said he wanted police “to vigorously enforce the law”.

More people saving for better retirement

The proportion of people who are saving adequately for retirement has recovered to its best levels  since 2009. Some 53 per cent of  people were found to be putting enough by for their old age, the  annual Scottish Widows Retirement report found.

Five US servicemen killed in air strike

Five US servicemen were killed in southern Afghanistan in an apparent friendly-fire air strike during a security operation,  officials said yesterday. The men died on Monday in Arghandab district when their unit clashed  with insurgents.

Oil company listens to WWF over gorillas

A London-based company has quit oil exploration in an African park due to its mountain gorillas (left). Soco International will leave the Democratic Republic of Congo after a campaign by wildlife charity WWF.

Six people killed as storms hit country

Six people have been killed in storms which hit cities in western Germany yesterday. In the worst incident, three died when a tree fell on a shed in Dusseldorf where they had sought shelter, police said. Cyclists were also killed by falling trees in Cologne and Krefeld and a sixth died in Essen.

Man bets £400,000 on No outcome

A betting-shop customer has gambled £400,000 on Scotland voting No in the independence referendum. The man, from Surrey, placed the bet via a banker’s draft. Little is known about the man, who placed the bet at William Hill. It is thought to be the biggest political bet made in history. MORE

Star Wars to be shot at Pinewood Studios

Another instalment in the Star Wars franchise is to be shot in Britain, with filming to start next year. Star Wars: Episode VII is already being filmed at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. After it has been completed, work will commence on the first spin-off in the series, Chancellor George Osborne  announced yesterday.

Church backs rap on payday loans

The Church of England has endorsed a rap single alerting  young people to the dangers of payday lenders. The song called  “We Need a Union on the Streets”, released today, was inspired by Archbishop of Canterbury the Rt Rev Justin Welby’s call for responsible lending.

Clowns protest at circus animal ban

More than 1,000 acrobats, clowns and other circus employees protested in Mexico City yesterday against a new ban on animals in circuses. There can be no lions or tigers or bears – not even dogs  or horses – in circus rings.  Circus performers say the law will leave both animals and humans unemployed.