The News Matrix: Wednesday 13 April 2011

Clegg encounters Brown’s ‘bigot’

Nick Clegg was collared by Gillian Duffy, the pensioner who made headlines when she was called “bigoted” by Gordon Brown, yesterday. The Deputy PM was visiting Rochdale when Mrs Duffy asked whether he was happy with the Coalition’s policies.

Ousted Mubarak is admitted to hospital

Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is said to have been admitted to hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh after suffering a heart attack.

Global ‘Life in a Day’ film coming to UK

Life in a Day, the experimental film in which people across the world were invited to record a snapshot of their lives on a single day and submit it via YouTube, is to be shown in the UK in June. The film, produced by Sir Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald, uses 80,000 clips. MORE

Body count hits 10 as more remains found

New York police have stepped up their inquiries into an apparent serial killer in Long Island after two more sets of human remains were found along the same stretch of beach road as previous victims. The possible body count now stands at 10. MORE

Call for rethink over cuts in World Service

The BBC’s World Service is so valuable that its income should be ringfenced and a 16 per cent budget cut reversed, the Foreign Affairs Select Committee has said. It began an inquiry into the 79-year-old service following a cut in funding. MORE

Police detain Minsk metro bomb suspects

Police yesterday detained their first suspects after a bomb on the Minsk metro killed 12 people on Monday. Opposition parties warned that the blast could be used as an excuse for a further crackdown by strongman Alexander Lukashenko. MORE

Nuclear plant at highest threat level

The Japanese authorities elevated the nuclear threat from the stricken Fukushima power plant to the level 7, the highest on the scale of nuclear accidents, putting it on a par with Chernobyl. But the World Health Organisation emphasised that the health risk had not changed. MORE

Gang members jailed for girl’s murder

Two members of a notorious east London gang were jailed for life yesterday for the murder of an innocent 16- year-old girl shot dead while she was buying a takeaway pizza. Agnes Sina-Inakoju, who had hoped to go to Oxford University, was hit in the neck as she stood in a fast-food restaurant in Hoxton in April last year.

‘Dog-sized’ species of dinosaur discovered

Scientists have found the fossil remains of a new species of dinosaur about the size of a large dog. Daemonosaurus chauliodus ate meat, walked on two legs and had unusually large eyes. Fossils of the creature’s 5.5in skull and neck were unearthed at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

Outrage at plan to stuff Knut the bear

Fans of the deceased polar bear Knut are putting pressure on the Berlin Zoo, where he lived, to not stuff and put the animal’s carcass on display. Zoo authorities have dismissed the pleas of crowds outside the front gate. Director Berhard Blaszkiewitz said: “This is just a polar bear.” MORE

Bird of prey required rescue from 30ft tree

A bird of prey had to be freed by animal-rescue crews after it became trapped 30ft up a tree in Dorset. The Harris Hawk, called Storm, has a 4ft wing span and had become entangled by its tethers on Monday afternoon in Blandford after escaping from his owner.

Cold War nuclear bunker for sale

A Cold War-era nuclear bunker 15ft underground is to be sold at auction. The shelter, in the Lincolnshire Wolds just outside Baumber, is on the market for £7,000. Rob Ward, of property agent JH Walter, said: “The owner said, ‘Can you sell my nuclear bunker for me?’ So I said of course I could.”

‘Don’t send drawings of the Queen please’

A bizarre collection of items including passports, cheques, death certificates and even a drawing of the Queen have been enclosed with completed 2011 Census forms, the Office for National Statistics said. It has appealed for people not to send extra documentation with their forms.

Picture of lobster thief is released

US authorities have released a surveillance picture showing a woman who stole 14 lobsters from a New Hampshire shop. The woman made off with the lobsters, which were still alive, in a van on Friday.

Pickled penis is museum attraction

The pickled penis of a recently dead 95-year-old man is set to become the main exhibit at Iceland’s Phallological Museum. The donated human penis will take its place alongside phalluses from whales, seals, bears and other mammals.