The News Matrix: Wednesday 18 December 2013


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Police appeal in hunt for Jayden

Detectives leading the murder inquiry into the disappearance of Jayden Parkinson yesterday appealed to the consciences of several people they believe may hold clues to solving the case. The 17-year-old was last seen leaving Didcot railway station in Oxfordshire at about 4.30pm on 3 December. Police have information suggesting she is no longer alive.

Dispute over arrest of Indian diplomat

The arrest of an Indian diplomat in the US over claims she had lied on a visa form for her domestic worker has turned into a major dispute between Washington and Delhi. India’s national security adviser called her treatment “despicable and barbaric”. MORE

Death rates down 22% since 1990

Cancer death rates in the UK have dropped by more than a fifth since the 1990s, according to figures published by Cancer Research UK. There was a 22 per cent drop between 1990 and 2011, with 170 per 100,000 people now dying from the disease, down from 220.

Fighting in capital follows failed coup

Fighting in the capital Juba erupted again a day after the government said it had quashed an attempted coup. At least 26 people were said to have died since Sunday, and around 13,000 people have fled to United Nations compounds. The state said that 10 senior political figures had been held.

Employed more inclined to drink

Britons with a job are more likely to drink than those who are unemployed, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. Some 65 per cent of workers surveyed in 2012 had at least one alcoholic drink in the previous week, compared with 48 per cent of those without a job.

Snowden ‘willing’ to investigate US spying

Brazil says it is not considering granting asylum to Edward Snowden after the ex-NSA contractor wrote a letter offering to investigate claims US authorities spied on Brazilians.

Manipulation of statistics ‘is going on’

The police watchdog has told MPs it is “almost certain that some manipulation is going on” in the recording of crime statistics by officers. The comments by Tom Winsor, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, come after a whistle-blowing police constable said officers routinely massage crime statistics.

Merkel elected to third term as leader

Germany’s parliament has elected Chancellor Angela Merkel to a third term as the leader of Europe’s biggest economic power, nearly three months after an awkward election result forced her to put together a new governing coalition. Politicians elected Mrs Merkel as Chancellor by 462 votes to 150.

‘Boris bike’ scales French mountains

London Mayor Boris Johnson has praised three friends who took a “Boris bike” on a French mountain trip before returning it with 22 seconds to spare before the 24-hour rental limit expired. He called it “a feat of endurance”. MORE

End of the world for doomsday preacher

Harold Camping, the preacher who used his radio ministry and billboards to tell of the end of the world, has died aged 92. His most famous prediction, that doomsday would come on 21 May 2011, was then revised to October, after which he gave up predictions.

Rare dinosaur fossil sold to Denmark

A rare giant skeleton of a dinosaur which lived 150 million years ago was bought for the Natural History Museum of Denmark. The 55ft specimen of the Diplodocus longus was bought for £400,000 at a West Sussex auction last month.

‘X Factor’ winner on course for Xmas No1

Sam Bailey is on track to claim the first X Factor Christmas number one in three years, despite lower sales figures than previous victors. Bailey has sold nearly 45,000 downloads of first single “Skyscraper” after her triumph on the ITV show on Sunday.

Banner spells trouble for the government

The government has apologised for a banner promoting the country’s new constitution that misspelt the word “Egyptians” and carried  photographs of foreigners instead  of locals, according to the  Associated Press.

Boffins invent the stay-slimmer bra

Scientists have developed a bra which can measure the wearer’s mood to help prevent over-eating. Researchers at the University of Southampton developed the garment, which monitors heart and skin activity, alongside an app which suggests methods to prevent over-eating.