The News Matrix: Wednesday 18 March 2015


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Children exposed to covert commercials

Millions of children are being exposed to covert advertising when they watch clips of video bloggers online, the childhood expert Reg Bailey has warned. Mr Bailey said “vloggers” should face tough sanctions from advertising regulators if they break the rules, and described vlogging as an “increasing” area of concern.

‘Disgraceful’ crisis worse than in 1966

Britain’s housing crisis is worse now than half a century ago, when the issue was thrust into the limelight by a gritty television play, its director, Ken Loach, has warned. The film-maker said the situation British families still found themselves in, generations after 1966’s seminal Cathy Come Home, was “a disgrace”.

Election results in virtual deadlock

Israeli parliamentary elections ended yesterday in a virtual deadlock, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party appearing to hold the upper hand in forming the next governing coalition. Exit polls showed a tight race between Likud and opposition leader Isaac Herzog’s Zionist Union.

Tsunami debris – no end in sight for coast

Debris from Japan’s 2011 tsunami will litter North America’s coastline over the next three years, according to experts monitoring the debris. About one million tons of debris were still lingering in the Pacific four years after the incident, with wave patterns likely to send more items to West Coast beaches this summer.

Pensioner killer jailed for 20 years

A man has been jailed for at least 20 years for fatally stabbing an 85-year-old woman with a pair of scissors on her own doorstep. Robert Buczek, 24, killed in a “senseless” attack Eleanor Whitelaw, known as Norah, after she offered him water and biscuits at her Edinburgh home in July last year.

Apology to parents of murder victim

The Parole Board has apologised after a murder victim’s parents were among the last to learn the killers could move to open prisons. Geraldine and Peter McGinty had also overheard a judge say their statements made “no difference” to parole for the killers of their son Colin , who was stabbed to death in Merseyside in 2001.

Returning Ebola medics ‘face stigma’

Healthcare workers who have been fighting Ebola in West Africa have faced stigma on their return to Britain. A survey by the Red Cross discovered that three out of four people would not shake hands with a healthcare worker who had returned from treating Ebola patients.

MP apologises for niqab comment

An MP from Canada’s governing Conservative party has apologised for saying women who wish to wear a face veil while swearing the oath of citizenship should “stay where they came from”. Larry Miller said he was baffled about a Federal Court ruling overturning a ban on the wearing of niqabs during the ceremony.

Messenger app will let you send money

Facebook’s Messenger app will soon let you send money to friends. The service, announced yesterday, is free, works with debit cards and is available on Apple and Android mobile devices and desktop computers. The world’s largest social network has emphasised the service’s security features.

‘Hello – is it us you’re looking for...?’

A group of Lionel Richie fans were rescued from a lift after the singer performed in Cardiff. The 18 fans were returning to their cars in the St David’s 2 shopping centre car park after the concert when the lift failed to move from the ground floor. They were stranded for about 45 minutes before being rescued by fire officers.

Billions of planets ‘could support life’

Billions of stars in our galaxy have from one to three planets which could support life, according to scientists. The findings are based on data from Nasa’s Kepler space telescope, which has confirmed the existence of around 1,000 planets orbiting stars in the Milky Way and identified an estimated 3,000 other candidate worlds.

Cheshire free school the best in England

A free school in Warrington has been named as the best school in England for “instilling grit and resilience” in pupils. King’s Leadership Academy, with weekly ethics and philosophy classes, took top spot at the Education Department’s Character Awards; and leads “the character charge”, said Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.

Coach fit for a King goes under hammer

A New York City auction house is offering Elvis Presley fans the chance to own the King’s custom-designed tour bus. Julien’s Auctions says the 1976 MCI Crusader Bus is expected to fetch up to $200,000 (£136,000). The bus comes with copies of the $25,000 cheque Presley wrote for the deposit.