The News Matrix: Wednesday 19 December 2012


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Haribo wins battle of the bears

Germany's iconic gummy bear has won a sweet legal victory over a foil-wrapped Swiss chocolate teddy. Cologne's regional court ruled in favour of Haribo yesterday, saying that Lindt had violated its trademark on the Gold-Bear gummy bear name. Lindt's chocolate bear is now banned from sale.

Staffordshire Hoard grows by 90 pieces

Around 90 more pieces of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver thought to belong to the Staffordshire Hoard have been discovered by archaeologists in a Hammerwich field. Among the discoveries are an eagle-shaped mount and what may be part of a helmet. The ancient 3,500-piece collection was found in 2009.

Tweeting Pope beats Archbishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury has confessed the Pope has put him in the shade when it comes to social media. The Pope's Twitter account has two million followers, but Dr Rowan Williams admitted he was "dim" about new technology. "We all know it can be poisonous and destructive. But there's another side to it," he said.

Timothy West joins Coronation Street

Veteran actor Timothy West is set to grace the cobbles of Coronation Street next year. The 78-year-old star will play carpet salesman Eric, the new boyfriend of Gloria Price, played by Sue Johnston.

'Homeland' boss hits back at critics

The executive producer of TV drama Homeland  has defended the show's second series after criticism of its melodramatic plot. Alex Gansa said critics felt a "natural urge" to attack a successful show.

Abu Qatada may pay costs of keeping him

The radical preacher Abu Qatada's frozen bank accounts and assets could be used to cover part of the cost of keeping him in the country, the Home Secretary has said. His assets amount to more than £217,000, but his legal aid bill alone is more than £500,000 without factoring in housing and monitoring costs.

Zuma in firing line despite re-election

South African President Jacob Zuma has been comfortably re-elected as leader of the African National Congress, but his win did not dampen accusations of corruption and ineffectual leadership. MORE

Father who bit man faces jail term

A father who admitted biting off another man's finger at a nativity play has been told a jail sentence is "almost inevitable". Lee Wilkinson, 40, pleased guilty to a bloody attack on Michael Dent last December at a South Shields primary school, following a feud between the men. He will be sentenced next month.

Tory plan for British law ends in deadlock

A commission set up to review if there should be a British Bill of Rights has ended in deadlock, effectively ending the Conservatives' plans to dilute the influence of the European Court of Human Rights. Opponents said it could "be used to strip people of basic rights". MORE

Abortion to be legal, if mother is at risk

The Irish government says abortion will be legalised, but only as a last resort when the mother's life is at risk. It is not clear if cases involving rape or sexual abuse are included. There was outrage in October over the death of a woman in Galway who was refused a termination. MORE

Taliban kill female polio vaccinators

Five female polio vaccinators have been shot dead in Taliban attacks in two Pakistan cities. The women were working on a vaccination scheme backed by the World Health Organisation. A Unicef spokesperson said: "Every day that the drive is on hold, more children lose out." MORE

Newsnight report to be 'highly critical'

The report on why Newsnight quashed its initial investigation into Jimmy Savile's sexual abuse is expected to be highly critical of the BBC today. Former Newsnight editor Peter Rippon is expected to face criticism in the investigation conducted by Nick Pollard. MORE

Obama requests advice on gun access

President Obama has asked his cabinet for proposals on how to limit public access to guns. Meanwhile Walmart suspended the sale of rifles similar to the one police say Adam Lanza used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Dick's Sporting Goods has also stopped selling hunting rifles as political pressure for tougher gun-control laws grows.