The News Matrix: Wednesday 6 July 2011

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NHS managers warn of effects of cuts

Hospital waiting times will grow and patients’ access to treatments will be limited, as the NHS seeks to save £20bn in the next four years, more than half of its top managers believe. The NHS will have to find £4bn of savings next year alone. MORE

Three of Mubarak’s officials cleared

An Egyptian court cleared three members of the deposed president Hosni Mubarak’s government of wasting public money yesterday. The decision prompted fears among activists that the country could descend into violence again.

Newspaper articles ‘in contempt of court’

The Sun and Daily Mirror published articles about a man arrested for the killing of Jo Yeates that were in contempt of court, the High Court heard yesterday. The Attorney General called for a prison sentence. Both titles deny contempt. MORE

Transfer of militants’ remains is cancelled

The planned handover of remains of 84 Palestinian militants from an Israeli grave site has been cancelled. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the transfer several months ago, but defence minister Ehud Barak cancelled the plans yesterday, saying they might jeopardise efforts to secure the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Scahlit.

Woman acquitted of killing daughter

Casey Anthony, above, has been cleared of murdering her twoyear- old daughter, Caylee, after a Florida jury rejected the prosecution’s portrayal of her. Anthony, 25, was found not guilty on murder, manslaughter and child abuse charges. MORE

Dutch caused three Srebrenica deaths

A Dutch court has ruled that the country was responsible for the deaths of three Muslim men in the Srebrenica massacre. The ruling said Dutch forces had failed in their duty and is expected to open the way for other compensation claims. MORE

Alarm over marking of tests for 11-year-olds

Headteachers are warning of “serious alarms” over the marking of national curriculum tests for 11-year-olds taken by 600,000 pupils this summer. MORE

Pacifist’ medic found guilty at court martial

Two boys, one, aged 15, from Peckham and the other, aged 14, from Camberwell, were arrested on Monday on suspicion of murdering Yemurai Kanyangarara. The 16-year-old was stabbed in the neck in Welling, south-east London on Friday.

Anti-depressant use by women soars

Nearly half of women prescribed anti-depressants have taken the medication for at least five years. Women’s campaign group Platform 51 claimed the use of drugs such as Prozac and Cipramil had reached “crisis” proportions. MORE

Warders crack case of would-be escaper

A woman has been caught trying to sneak her husband out of Mexican prison in a suitcase. She was stopped when prison staff noticed the case looked bulky. Curled up inside they found Juan Ramirez Tijerina, who is serving a 20-year sentence for weapons possession. MORE

Paper paid £16,000 for Ferdinand ‘story’

The footballer Rio Ferdinand was “angry and upset” when he learned a paper paid £16,000 for a story about an alleged affair, the High Court has heard. Carly Storey sold her story to the Sunday Mirror in April 2010. Ferdinand is seeking aggravated damages from MGN Ltd. MORE

Dream break ‘cures sleeping disorder’

Chechnya’s leader says a Siberian girl who suffered a rare sleeping disorder was cured by a visit to his region. Ramzan Kadyrov, above, heard about the girl’s plight and brought her to the capital, Grozny for a six-month luxury stay. Her narcolepsy is reported to have since stopped. MORE

Sausage-roll rage at petrol station

A man tried to burn down a petrol station because it had run out of sausage rolls, an Australian court heard. Scott Jason Bryant became enraged after staff said the station was out of food. ‘‘It’s an extreme reaction for not being able to satisfy the munchies,’’ a magistate said.

Homosexuality is a disease, says minister

India’s Health Minister has called homosexuality a “disease” from the West. Ghulam Nabi Azad made the comments at a conference on HIV/ Aids in Delhi. Outraged activists demanded his resignation but there was no comment from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. MORE

Beware wide-faced men, study finds

Men with wide faces are more likely to lie and cheat than narrow- faced men, but they seem to make better businessmen, according to a new study. The findings suggest that the shape of the face could be an evolutionary signal of a man’s aggressiveness. MORE