The News Matrix: Wednesday 6 June 2012


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Tesco attacked over beef from Brazil

Tesco has been accused of fuelling the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Greenpeace found that canned beef from cows reared on illegally deforested pastures had found its way on to the shelves of the UK's biggest supermarket chain. Tesco said it had dropped the supplier responsible. MORE

Pakistani Sesame Street left dangling

The US has terminated funding for a $20m project to develop a Pakistani version of Sesame Street. The decision came as a Pakistani newspaper reported allegations of corruption by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, the puppet theatre in Lahore working on the initiative. MORE

Disney limits junk food advertising

Disney has raised the stakes in the fight against childhood obesity by limiting junk food advertising. The move was announced yesterday in an event featuring US First Lady Michelle Obama. MORE

US drone attack kills al-Qa'ida chief

Al-Qa'ida's second-in-command has been killed by a drone strike in Pakistan's north-west tribal region, according to US officials. The death of Abu Yahya al-Libi is a significant blow to the terror network, which has lost several leaders as a result of US drone attacks. MORE

Electorate poised to confirm move to left

President Francois Hollande's Socialists are not heading for a landslide victory in elections, yet a lesser triumph should still be enough. He will be able to have his tax-and-spend plans if the left takes control of the lower house National Assembly, as polls predict. MORE

Spain appeals for EU help with banks

Spain's finance minister appealed yesterday for European leaders to set up a method for its troubled banks to get direct financial help and warned that the country's high borrowing costs meant it faced increasing trouble accessing credit markets. Cristobal Montoro told a Spanish radio station that "the door to markets is not open for Spain". MORE

Legionnaires' cases found in Edinburgh

One man died and 16 others are in a critical condition following an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. A further 15 suspected cases are being investigated in Edinburgh. The dead man was being treated at the city's Royal Infirmary.

Cannabis smokers unaware of dangers

Cannabis smoking poses a 20 times greater risk of lung cancer per cigarette than tobacco smoking yet most users of the drug are unaware of its dangers, a report says today. The British Lung Foundation said the findings were "alarming". MORE

Attack of the giant hairy biting spiders

Colonies of giant biting spiders have attacked villagers and sparked panic in remote north-east India. The hairy spiders were first noticed about a month ago across Tinsukia district's grassy plains and dense jungle forests north of the Brahmaputra River and are thought to be a new species.

Artist sues Saudi royals for $12.6m

A US appeals court is reviving a lawsuit by an artist who says he is owed nearly $12.6m (£8.2m) for 29 sculptures he designed for the Saudi royal family. Elli Bern Angellino says 16 members of the family asked him to produce the art pieces in 2006 and 2007. Angellino claims he has failed to collect any payment.

League cries foul over bad language

One of the world's oldest football leagues is to send spies to grounds to check on officials and players who swear during games, its chairman has revealed. The Northern League, formed in 1889, intends to name and shame the worst offending clubs and provide financial bonuses for those who keep it clean.

Dinner cruise serves vodka to a toddler

A company that manages a Hawaii dinner cruise has acknowledged mistakenly serving alcohol to a three-year-old boy. Bingyan Cai said her son Michael's orange juice contained vodka while they were aboard the Alii Kai Catamaran in late May. She noticed her son turning red, acting unruly and mumbling.

New Wii U unveiled at E3 conference

Nintendo stole the show at a top US gaming conference by launching its newest innovation: Wii U. The new console, which is a follow up to the original Wii, will go on sale in time for Christmas. It was unveiled at the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles and has a controller with a touch screen, video camera and microphone.