The News Matrix: Wednesday 8 April 2015


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Non-cancer patients ‘get raw deal on care’

End-of-life care is “unfairly” weighted towards cancer patients, say experts from the London School of Economics. Their report says more people die of heart disease, respiratory illness and dementia, but only a fifth of those referred for palliative care were  non-cancer patients.

Were crash pilots urged to land?

Leaked cockpit conversations from the Polish president’s plane that crashed in 2010, killing all on board, suggest the pilots were under pressure from presidential and Air Force officials to land in unfavourable conditions, Polish media said. But military investigators cast doubt on the interpretation of the leaked material.

Two teenage boys have fled to Syria

Two 17-year-old boys from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire are believed to have travelled to Syria, counter-terrorism police have confirmed.

The teenagers are thought to have fled to the war-torn country after boarding a flight from Manchester airport to Dalaman in Turkey on 31 March, West Yorkshire Police said.

Man, 100, ‘murdered his wife with axe’

A 100-year-old man is believed to have murdered his wife with an axe as she slept before killing himself. Bergen County, New Jersey, prosecutor John Molinelli said there was a “history of domestic issues” between Michael Juskin and his wife, Rosalia, 88, but it was not clear what sparked the apparent murder-suicide.

Poor teachers have  to share rooms

Schoolteachers are so financially hard-up that some have to share a bedroom with colleagues, the National Union of Teachers conference has been told. Union chiefs are calling on the government to end the public sector pay freeze, saying teachers have suffered a 15 per cent real-terms pay cut.

Mass graves of Isis victims revealed

Mass graves with the bodies of 1,700 Iraqi military cadets killed by Isis are being opened by forensic teams. The massacre took place on 12 June last year and was known of because Isis filmed its atrocities. But the graves were previously inaccessible because Tikrit was controlled by Isis until about a week ago.

Gibbons shed light on human speech

Gibbons talk to each other in a sophisticated manner that may shed light on how humans learnt to speak, scientists have said. They found the apes have more than 450 different calls, which allow them to distinguish when their fellows are foraging for food and warn others of the presence of predators.

Lost autistic boy found after four days

An autistic 11-year-old has been rescued after four days wandering in the Australian outback. Luke Shambrook went missing from his family’s campsite on Good Friday. His preoccupation with water led to fears he may have drowned. But the discovery of his beanie hat far from a lake on Monday raised hopes.

Smartphones set for ‘one-minute charge’

Scientists at Stanford University in California believe that they have invented a new battery that could fully charge a smartphone in just one minute. The researchers have created an aluminium battery which they hope could replace the lithium models commonly found in laptops and mobile phones.

Final Pratchett novel due in September

Sir Terry Pratchett’s final novel will be published in September. The Shepherd’s Crown, which he wrote last year, is the fifth book featuring the young witch Tiffany Aching.

Sir Terry, who died last month at the age of 66, sold millions of copies of his books, which are set in his comic-creation land of Discworld.

American Pie lyrics auctioned for $1.2m

Singer-songwriter Don McLean’s original manuscript and notes to “American Pie” has sold for $1.2m (£810,000). The wistful anthem, which contains lyrics that seem to address the death of Buddy Holly, was sold at Christie’s. McLean said writing the song was “a mystical trip into his past”.

Social investment revamps cartel city

Only 20 years ago criminal factions led by drug lords – including the infamous Pablo Escobar – made Medellín in Colombia the most murderous city in the world, with a homicide rate of 381 per 100,000. Now it has been transformed by innovative social investment, including a new metro and cable car system.

McCain to run for sixth term... at 80

Arizona Senator John McCain, the ex-Republican presidential nominee, said he will run for a sixth term in the US Senate. By the time of next year’s election, Sen McCain will be 80 but he has insisted he is “just getting started”. There are seven other US senators older than McCain.