The News Matrix: Wednesday 8 June 2011

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Cameron backs down on NHS reform

David Cameron announced a huge climbdown over NHS reforms yesterday, unveiling a raft of concessions to critics of the proposed changes as he tried to halt a slide in public confidence in him and his party on health. MORE

MoD fought off 1,000 ‘attacks’ in past year

Defence Secretary Liam Fox revealed last night that the Ministry of Defence has dealt with more than 1,000 “potentially serious” cyber attacks in the past year. He said the MoD was a “prime target” in the “war of the invisible enemy”.

Obama and Merkel united over debt

Europe’s debt crisis must not be allowed to derail the global economic recovery, Barack Obama and his German counterpart, Angela Merkel, warned yesterday. MORE

School children sue police over ‘kettling’

Three London school children are to sue the Metropolitan Police over its decision to “kettle” pupils at last year’s anti-tuition fees demonstrations. The children say they were contained for eight hours by the controversial police tactic.

Victim told police she was ‘harassed’

A woman shot dead with her baby daughter in Braintree had told police she was being “harassed” by her former boyfriend less than two weeks ago. An initial investigation has found it was the latest in two years of dialogue with Essex Police. MORE

CJD treatment halts Alzheimers

Scientists developing treatments for the devastating brain disorder, Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease, have unexpectedly found they block the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, the commonest cause of dementia. Researchers said they were “thrilled” at the discovery. MORE

Ahmadinejad rejects nuclear backdown

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said yesterday that no offer from world powers could persuade Iran to stop enriching uranium, a day after the UN atomic watchdog said it had new evidence of possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear work.

Former PM denies banking negligence

Iceland’s prime minister at the time of its 2008 banking crash pleaded not guilty to charges of negligence yesterday. Former Prime Minister Geir Haarde was appearing at the first sitting of a special court set up in 1905 to try government ministers. MORE

Drunk doctor claims he was ‘sleep driving’

A doctor who was over the legal limit for alcohol when he was stopped by police told a court yesterday that he had been sleepwalking at the time. Donald Clegg, 59, was reportedly wearing his dressing gown when he was pulled over by police in December last year.

Authorities cold on insect ice cream

An ice cream shop has been told to stop selling a dessert filled with insects – even though it sold out within hours. Employees collected cicadas and removed most of their wings, then boiled them and covered them in sugar and chocolate. A public health official in Missouri advised against their use.

Jacko insurers refuse to pay out

The insurer of Michael Jackson’s cancelled concerts has asked a judge to nullify a policy to protect concert promoters if the singer did not complete the shows. Lloyd’s of London sued AEG Live and Jackson’s company claiming the promoter failed to provide medical information. MORE

Activist will defy hunger strike ban

Veteran Indian social activist Anna Hazare plans to defy a police ban and go on a hunger strike in the capital today to protest against corruption and the crackdown on a peaceful fast led by a popular yoga guru. The action will fuel popular anger about mounting corruption. MORE

Heads up! BBC to show tennis in 3D

The BBC is to broadcast in 3D for the first time next month when it screens the Wimbledon singles finals. The climaxes of the men’s and women’s competitions are among a number of “editorial experiments” the corporation is carrying out.