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Dom Joly's time-saving tips will change your life...

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I'm a busy man. Time is money and I need to save the former wherever I can.

For this reason, over the past five years, I have perfected a series of tricks that allow me to run my life in a faster, more efficient manner.

Having audited my daily schedule, I came to realise that I had been wasting a lot of time changing in and out of clothes. This, along with the time spent deciding which clothes to wear and making sure that everything was clean and ironed, was taking up at least 20 minutes a day. The solution was simple and I was amazed that I hadn't considered it before.

My cupboard now has a series of pre-selected outfits, already put together, ready for me to grab and put on. I have everything I need on one hanger, from shoes and socks to pants, shirt, trousers and jacket. I make up types of outfit ranging from smart to casual to lying-on-the-sofa day.

It doesn't stop there however. I plan ahead. I look at my schedule and assign a category to each day of my upcoming week. Once this is done, I then arrange the outfits in order so I know the correct one to grab.

Breakfast is easy too. I organise everything the night before - I pre-mix the eggs and they sit in the fridge waiting for me just to pop them in the microwave. Meanwhile, my automated coffee machine has a timing system on it that makes sure my hot drink is ready and waiting for me every morning. This gives me the time to look at a map and plan a route to work alongside a back-up itinerary in case of bad traffic or my being attacked by pirates.

And just in case I get boarded by pirates, I'm have another time-saving tactic up my sleeve for next week - delegating to a new Time Bandit.