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Defending the indefensible once more?

Angela Knight, who was the chief executive of the British Bankers Association at the height of the public's displeasure with the banking industry, recently took up the same position at Energy UK. It's a trade body that represents the UK's "Big Six", whose hiking of energy prices has met with outpourings of anger.

How does she feel about the Government's new plans?

Ministers want energy companies to offer a maximum of four tariffs for gas and electricity, with customers placed on the cheapest available price option by summer 2014. Great news, unless you're the supplier. "If that is what the Government wants, that is fine. What it will do is potentially remove some choice away from people and certainly some deals that people get at the moment," Ms Knight told Radio 4's Today programme. While she does raise the point that some lower tariffs could be erased, you suspect elderly people freezing in their homes won't be too concerned about "variety of choice".

Why take such a difficult job?

The former Tory MP couldn't be described as shy. She is quoted as saying: "I am who I am – if there is a fight to be had, I'm not going to run away from it." Her role at Energy UK could prove a doddle in comparison to defending banks over the PPI mis-selling scandal.