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The housewives favourite?

The man who has serenaded thousands of women with hits such as “Mandy”, “Could it Be Magic” and “Copacabana” has just go married - to Garry Kief. The 71-year-old songwriter, who jokingly describes himself as a “sex god” in his live shows, organised the private wedding last year with friends and family at his home in Palm Springs, California, having invited them for what they thought was going to be just lunch.

Garry who?

Kief has been Manilow’s manager for 30 years, and reports suggest they’ve been together for much of that time. He also manages the career of Lorna Luft, Liza Minelli’s half-sister, and produces live shows for cruise ships.

They kept it quiet

Friends have suggested that Manilow – who has sold 80m records – didn’t want his sexuality to damage his career. Back in 1978, five of his albums were in the best-seller charts at the same time.

How are the fans taking it?

Responses are mixed among “Fanilows”, but on the whole it’s positive. One adoring fan said: “Is it gonna change him or his music, not at all. Happiness is what living is all about, and he has given us enough over the years.”

So he’ll be out and proud?

He’s always been publicity shy. He once said: “You can only come into my world if I invite you in. That’s the only way I can survive... I don’t want strangers knowing everything. If that happened, that would drive me crazy.”