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Another nul points in the making?

The UK hasn’t done too well in the Eurovision Song Contest of late. A combination of poor, plodding songs and the fact that the rest of Europe doesn’t really like us has seen us become a regular fixture at the bottom of the table. Last year Engelbert Humperdinck narrowly avoided finishing last, and who can forget Jemini’s horrendous performance in 2003, when they failed to win a single point from any competing country. This year it’s Bonnie Tyler’s turn. She’s entering the contest with a song called “Believe In Me”.

What’s it like?

A bit dry and flavourless, but then it does feature the singer’s trademark rasp. The 61-year-old Welsh singer, best known for her 1983 number one hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, made no secret of the fact she’s doing it for a bit of promotion. “Funnily enough I’ve just finished a new album called Rocks & Honey, so this is a fantastic way to get my new album out there,” she told the BBC.

Can she win?

Tyler said she’d be happy with a top five placing, and suggested she might do better than Humperdinck because “I’ve got a lot of fans out there in Europe.” However, she downplayed her chances, saying: “It’s always political with Eurovision isn’t it? Sometimes they vote for countries close to them.”