Page 3 Profile: Grant Hazell, not Ryan Gosling


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Ryan, Ryan, we love you!

Hold your horses. Believe it or not, the fine hunk of a man staring out of the pages of this newspaper is not Hollywood heart throb Ryan Gosling – he is, in fact, a former policeman from Suffolk.

Well blow me away…

Hard to believe, we know, but the dashing Grant Hazell, 35, has never walked the red carpet, been romantically linked to Eva Mendes, or appeared in The Notebook.

But he’s so dreamy.

Perhaps, these things are a matter of taste, but his looks are proving to be something of a poisoned chalice. Hazell has been talking to the press about the pitfalls of resembling one of the world’s most desired men. He’s sent women into fits of hysteria, received hundreds of propositions, and even had one admirer bombard him 100 raunchy messages on Facebook.

Poor lamb. Is he married?

Indeed he is, to his teen sweetheart. The happy couple now live in Perth, Australia, with their two sons.

Bless. He should at least look into making a bit of dosh from this…

He’s one step ahead of you. It was his wife who first made the connection with Gosling, and sent a photo of Hazell to a US lookalike agency. He now rakes in £200 an hour as a model, appearing in magazines and at personal appearances as the Drive star.

Sounds like a tough gig. Any tricks of the trade?

Unsurprisingly, he’s pretty chuffed with the similarity, saying of Gosling: “He’s a cool guy and a great actor. It’s not a bad thing to look like one of Hollywood’s most wanted men.” But he has had to put in the hours, perfecting the actor’s “trademark poses”, and spent hours honing that famous frown. But, he says, it’s a role he was born for: “I don’t find it hard impersonating him. I’m lucky that it comes quite naturally. I frown a lot which helps.”