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The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ guy, right?

That’s him, but the producer of Pirates of the Caribbean and the National Treasure franchise, has gone ‘Lone Ranger’, announcing after 20 years and 27 films that he is leaving Disney next year.

Is there bad blood?

Apparently not. Despite Bruckheimer’s latest film The Lone Ranger flopping at the box office and losing Disney £118m in the process, it was a mutual decision.

Does that mean ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is coming to an end?

No, the fifth instalment is on its way, but it won’t be out until autumn 2015. Bruckheimer has intimated that it’s time for him to work on more mature films.

By more mature he means he’ll be channelling Fellini’s oeuvre?

Hardly. Before Disney, he worked on Con Air, CSI, Top Gun and said he wants to make films similar to Black Hawk Down, Enemy of the State and Beverly Hills Cop.

So what’s next?

His next project TV series Hostages, starring Toni Collette, who plays a surgeon who has to perform surgery on the US president. However, her family is kidnapped by a rogue FBI agent and she is ordered to kill the president or her family gets it.

Tense. But what about new films?

Rumours are circulating he is in talks to produce Beverly Hills Cop 4, Top Gun 2 and Bad Boys 3. Bruckheimer loves a sequel but not all of his recent films have been a success, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and G-Force are prime examples. But he’s still one of the industry’s most respected producers and will no doubt go down as a Hollywood legend.