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What’s next for the Time Lord? Another family friendly show?

Not unless murder, cannibalism and torture are considered family friendly. Come Christmas, Dr Who will regenerate into another actor, and the 30 year old will move on to play serial killer Patrick Bateman in the new musical production of Brett Easton Ellis’ controversial novel American Psycho.

It sounds terrifying!

If it’s anything like the book, or the film adaptation starring Christian Bale, it will be pretty disturbing. The book and the film saw a lot of blood-splattering, so perhaps the audience will be given waterproof ponchos on the way in…

Isn’t this a bit of a leap?

Perhaps, but Smith actually almost became a footballer before a serious back injury stopped him, so he’s not scared of change. After a drama teacher at his school in Northampton told him to star in Twelve Angry Men - a play about the jury of a homicide trial - he joined the National Youth Theatre, and stared in the sexually charged Fresh Kills. In fact, we’re starting to see a pattern in his acting… He also dated model and socialite Daisy Lowe, and loves super-depressing rock band Radiohead. Maybe he’s not as squeaky clean as we thought.

Dare we ask if Smith and Bateman have anything in common?

Thankfully only being snappy dressers: Bateman with his impeccable designer wardrobe and Smith’s trademark bow tie in Dr Who. Easton Ellis wrote the ultra-violent book as a comment on “what it meant to be a cool guy—money, trophy girlfriends, nice clothes, and cool cars. It all seemed extremely shallow to me”. Despite his intentions, some critics just took it as a misogynist and gratuitous mess. Undeterred, the team behind the musical filmed a crowd-funding video to source money for the project in April, which gave a taste of what to expect. The production will run at London’s Almeida Theatre from 3 December to 25 January 2014.