Page 3 Profile: Mohammed Nisar, honest taxi driver


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Is honesty the best policy?

For one lucky passenger, it seems so. Car dealer Adrian Quinn (left in picture) has been reunited with his bag containing £10,000 after he left the money in the back of a cab.

Who was the kind stranger?

Taxi driver Mohammed Nisar, who is further credited with saving Mr Quinn’s business by returning the misplaced cash. His passenger said he was running late for a meeting in Walsall when he forgot his rucksack.

Most people don’t catch a cab with £10,000

True, but Mr Quinn had just cashed a cheque from his inheritance after his mother died in October. “If I’d lost that bag it would have been the end of my business,” he said.

How were the bag and its owner reunited?

Mr Quinn realised he’d left the bag in the taxi after it sped off. As soon as he noticed, he tried to flag down another cab but they all had fares. He eventually caught a taxi and arrived back at the rank to find Mr Nisar with the bag safely on the passenger seat.

Was it an emotional moment?

“Very,” said Mr Quinn. “I said, ‘Do you know what was in that bag? Put it this way, it is not a box of sandwiches or a newspaper. There is £10,000 in there’.” As a thank you, he gave the cabbie a cash reward in an envelope marked “to my best friend in the world” and has even invited him and his wife to his home for a family meal.

Proof that honesty really is the best policy…

“There are some drivers who don’t return things, but what is the point?” Mr Nisar, 55, said. “If the council had not have called me and no one had claimed it after 12 or 24 hours, I would have taken that bag straight to the police station.”