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Aah…presumably a youngster on the fast-track to political stardom.

Wrong. This Blair is making his name as a football agent. 27-year-old Nicky, the second son of the love-him-or-loathe-him former Prime Minister, has just pocketed $1 million after securing the transfer of Mexican player Hector Herrera to the FC Porto club in Portugal in a deal valued at $10.7 million.

That’s quite a cut. How did he manage it?

Nicky runs the Magnitude Limited sports agency from a desk at his mother Cherie Blair’s business in central London. The barrister owned 20 per cent of the company until May of this year and has played a key role in helping her son to secure top players, with offices in Mexico City and Rio de Janerio.

It seems to have paid off.

It wasn’t all plain-sailing. Until recently, the company was considered loss-making, but now Nicky is on track for an even bigger pay-out if he manages to sell another of his Mexican clients, Marco Fabian, in a $16 million Premier League transfer next year.

Then again, he doesn’t exactly need the money.

Well he didn’t struggle to get on the property ladder if that’s what you mean. His parents bought him a four-storey, £1.35million Georgian townhouse in central London with cash, but this is a young man with ambition. Rather than winding down now that he’s flush in his own right, Nicky has his eyes set on expanding into the Middle East.

Was there a plan B?

He dabbled in teaching before deciding to set up the company with Oxford University friend Gabriel Moraes.

And what about the other Blairite children?

Older brother Euan is hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps, 25-year-old Kathryn is a barrister and Leo, just 13, is currently appearing in the English National Opera’s production of The Magic Flute.