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Nobody puts Baby in a corner…

Especially not if the baby in question is third in line to the British throne. Prince George has participated in his first official public engagement at the grand age of eight months. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken him on a 19-day tour of New Zealand and Australia.

What a jetsetter.

It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it. The couple took the young Prince to meet other new parents and babies at Wellington’s Government House. The heir to the throne socialised with 10 other infants who were all born within two weeks of his birthday on 22 July last year.

Mixing with the riff-raff?

The idea was to give the royal couple the chance to introduce the young Prince to the world in a less formal way than usual – though all the parents and babies were vetted in advance of course. The Duchess commented that her son had never interacted with so many other babies before.

How did the Prince execute his royal duties?

He enjoyed occupying himself with the toys on offer, though he didn’t seem that familiar with the concept of sharing, even resorting to bullish  tactics where necessary. He waved his arms to get the attention of a girl named Paige and touched her face before grabbing the doll she was playing with, prompting her to cry.

Talk about entitled!

Well, he is teething. Kate attempted to soothe Paige by stroking her hair, and to appease her own child with a blue plastic block. George was unmoved; after inserting it in his mouth, he threw it to the ground.

And the parents’ verdict?

He was described by some as a “very strong” and “feisty” baby who “took control”, and one referred to him as “quite a bruiser”. Just wait until he hits the terrible twos.