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Who are the happy couple?

Raise a glass to Ron Sheppard, 65, and his eighth wife, 35-year-old Weng. Claiming the title of Britain’s Most Married Man, Mr Sheppard has written of his multiple matrimonies in a new book, Lord of the Wedding Rings. Released next month, the film rights have already been snapped up by a UK production company.

And who will play Mr Re-Re-Romeo?

He has his aims set high: “I think it would be fitting for Jude Law to play me, as he is very good,” he said – and there are reports that Law is being headhunted for the role.

Is he a record-breaker?

It seems likely. While there is no official UK record, Sheppard, of Martock, Somerset, gives Hollywood’s most prolific spouses a run for their money. Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Stan Laurel have all tied the knot eight times. As far as this side of the pond is concerned, he beats Henry VIII by two.

That’s some A-list company.

Despite the book and film, Sheppard is bittersweet about his record. ‘I genuinely believe there is the right person for everyone out there. Unfortunately for me, it took me longer than most to find the right one.’

And has he found the one?

Married first to Margaret at the age of 19, he then gave domestic bliss a go with Jeanette, Lesley, Kathy, Sue, Usha and Wan, before meeting Weng online in 2003. Flying to her native Philippines, they instantly fell in love with one another and were married shortly afterwards on the Isle of Wight. Now, he says, his days of playing the field are far behind him, and he even claims that “every day with her is like a honeymoon” for him.