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Who are this wholesome bunch?

Aren’t they just perfect? If the Phillips family seem familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen them in one of the hundreds of adverts in which they’ve starred. Over the years, they’ve brought a veneer of familial bliss to a range of brands: Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society, Audi, Cadbury, Mercedes Benz, Disney, Zirtek hayfever tablets, Thomson holidays and many, many more.

Keeping up with the Phillipses?

That’s quite a challenge. Jason and Michelle, their sons Louis, 15, Luca, 5, and Cobie, 3, and daughter Evie, 1, are so in demand for their photogenic looks and natural chemistry that they can charge up to £6,000 a pop for their services – and they do about eight gigs a month.

Blimey. There’s money in them thar adverts

There is indeed, but living up to their exemplary image, they’re not spending it all at once. Instead, Jason and Michelle say they are putting away the pennies for the kids’ futures.

Alright, lay off the guilt trip.

It is a pretty sweet gig. Dad, 42, who’s been modelling since he was 16, said: “It’s the easiest job in the world. The money’s fantastic. I travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth with my family and I enjoy every part of it… I wouldn’t change it for the world. All my children enjoy doing it together. We’re like a Welsh version of the Waltons.”

I feel a bit sick…

Perhaps it’s hay fever, in which case we have a brand-name medication just for you! Or maybe you’ve over-indulged on the intensely creamy products of a certain confectioner? Or are you worried about your finances? Because we know a fantastic building society with an incredible range of financial services…