Profile: Park Jae-Sang pop star


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Have I heard of him?

Using the stage name Psy he is the mastermind behind the 2012 global hit "Gangnam Style" which has just become the first YouTube video to be viewed more than two billion times. Psy has the most overall views, and most views in a day with his "Gangnam" follow-up "Gentleman".

Has he had time to uncross his hands and say anything?

The 36-year-old Korean addressed the impressive milestone in a series of tweets and retweets written in both English and Korean: "Very honorable and burdensome numbers," he wrote to his 3.46 million followers. "#THX."

He must have done pretty well out of the whole thing?

The infectious video featuring Psy and a ragtag team of bizarre sidekicks galloping around Seoul, South Korea, with a few horses thrown in for good measure, spent 31 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 list and was a No 1 hit in the UK. It generated countless parodies, from animated characters from My Little Pony to US Navy midshipmen.

Is there any danger of anyone else getting near these figures?

No other video comes close. Justin Bieber's "Baby" has had 1.04 billion views. Cute-kid video "Charlie bit my finger - again!" is a distant third, with 711 million views. Psy has three of the top 15 videos on the site.