So, you think you can be i's new star columnist?


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In yesterday's i (2 October) we launched a competition aimed at unearthing new student writing talent to complement our existing roster of columnists: names like Dominic Lawson, Christina Patterson, and Matthew Norman.

We will give over one or two column spaces per week, depending on the quality of entries. Each author will have up to four weeks in rotation to give them the opportunity to establish their voice. A word of warning, however, we will be inviting the highly critical i reader audience for their opinions on your work.

i invites students to submit 2 x 400 words of concise, quality entries. Because dreaming up columns without guidance can be quite daunting, and because we are looking for talent that can also write to order, one or both of your columns should be from the following list of topics: the Amanda Knox verdict, the possible rise in the motorway speed limit to 80mph, Theresa May's proposed scrapping of the Human Rights Act and the Tevez-Mancini affair.

The deadline is Monday 10 October and the address for entries is: We ask that you also include details of both your course, your place of education, and full contact details.

Please remember that i is a family newspaper, so no swear words please. And remember, we are looking for opinion columnists not letter-writers.

i's Cartoonist Idol competition is still open for entries too. Details at: