6th Avenue Flea Market New York, New York last Sunday morning

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Muriel, 43, hat designer (right)

"I'm wearing a chocolate polo top, a green tweed jumper and a pink cardigan. I've been living in New York for 20 years, but I'm from Switzerland. Everything I'm wearing is from flea markets. I spend an average of $50 a month on clothes."

Anke, 30, student (right)

"I've bought these dangly pink earrings for $6. I only shop in thrift stores. I don't need to buy new things. I spend about $20 a month. Everything I'm wearing is from thrift stores for $10."

Peggy Cone, "around fabulous 40, chanteuse, entertainer, and queen of style!"

"I'm passionate about vintage clothing. I've been at the flea markets here every Sunday for the last 20 years, since 1976. I've just bought this Mink coat, it's Seventies and was well priced at $35. The suit, which is original Forties, was just under $200, the platform shoes are Forties, too. I found this bag two years ago in a box of junk for $25, it's Fifties."

Eric, 39, accessories designer, and Tina the dog

"I've just got a sofa like this in lime green. I've shopped here for the last 10 years. I'm born, bred and raised in New York City, a native New Yorker. My trainers are second-hand Nike, $15."

Marjan, 35, computer artist

"I'm from New York. I like to buy clothes from cheap places. I'm going to buy these boots, they are $25."

Bryce, 24 and Charlotte, 19, both models

Bryce: "I spend about $25 a month on clothes. I'm wearing Levi's and a plain old T-shirt."

Charlotte: "I'm wearing jeans by Levi, hooded jumper from Ozone in Japan, a vest and Nike trainers. I spend thousands each month on clothes."

Joshua Jordan, "young" photographer, below right and Ron, 21, graphic designer

Joshua: "I've just bought a Seventies digital watch for $20. And I've bought a leather couch for $275, the guy wanted $375." [It is in the van in picture]. "My shades are from London, by Global Eyewear. The T-shirt is by Stephen Sprouse, and my Nike trainers are from a store on Broadway, on sale for $75."

Ron: "I don't like clothes - I don't buy them, they're always given to me. I've just bought this fan for $10"

Sandy Graham, 42, fashion consultant (right).

"I come here to the flea markets every weekend. I spend about $30,000 a year on clothes including shoes and bags. Today, I've bought a stripy jumper, very Missoni, a stripy scarf, a vinyl coat in pale yellow, all for $32. My sunglasses are vintage from a flea market. This cardigan is by Anna Sui, jumper by Randolph Duke, and my bag is Prada."