700 tons of watermelons sold daily as temperatures soar in China

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As temperatures in Beijing, China reach record highs retailers report sales of 700 tons of watermelons per day throughout June.


The China daily reported on July 5 that temperatures in Beijing, the capital of China, reached a record high of 40.3 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) , leading the city to upgrade its weather alert from yellow, to orange (the second highest level of alert).

China is currently in the grip of a heat wave. Chinese news portal, e-china cities reported on July 3 that Harbin a city in the northeast of China, famous in the winter months for its ice festival, experienced temperatures 36C (96.8 F) throughout June.  Retailers in Harbin reported that air conditioners and hand held fans have been the fastest selling items, and an estimated 700 tons of watermelons were sold daily throughout the hottest weeks.

A spokesperson for electronics company Haier, told Chinese paper, The People's Daily that Hohhot the capital of Inner Mongolia had sold out of air conditioners.

The subsequent use of air conditioning units has led to power shortages throughout Anhui province in southeast China.

The heat wave is expected to last until July 7.