A tall story

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Dear Fashion Department,

I am writing to have a moan - not at you but at clothes manufacturers who do not cater for tall women, even though it is supposed to be so desirable to be tall and slim.

I am only 5'10", which is not even all that tall, and a size 10-12, and my 13 year old daughter is now the same height as me and could well finish up being taller still. What we struggle to find are jeans, trousers and skirts that are long enough to be comfortable in...

Yours sincerely,

Gill Chivers



There was only one answer to Gill and Lucy's problem - retail therapy, so fashion stylist Charlie Harrington took mother and daughter shopping in Manchester. There was plenty to get excited about at Oasis, Principles, Next, The Gap and Marks & Spencer, and while length wasn't a problem at Jigsaw and Wallis, colours and styles left them down in the dumps. But at the end of the day the pair went home happy - Gill with two pairs of jeans, a skirt and a top, and Lucy with two pairs of jeans, trainers and a skirt