Airline launches ticketing site

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AirAsia has launched a global ticketing service, aiming to compete with giants such as TicketMaster to sell tickets for high profile entertainment events.

The service, which launched March 8, is named AirAsiaRedTix and promises an "international line-up of concerts, sporting events, musicals, theatre performances and more." Building on the airline's brand name, the company says it will partner with event organizers and promoters in Asia and around the world.

AirAsiaRedTix plans to allow fans to connect with each other to share news and views ahead of booking. It will also feature information on entertainment news, tour dates, event calendars, artiste bios, interviews and videos.

Entering the ticketing market could be a lucrative move for AirAsia, which is likely to cross-promote the service on its regional and long-haul flights. Airlines often use in-flight media to publicize events at destinations, although this is believed to be a unique move into the actual entertainment market. The firm says it will bring its low-cost approach to the business model, offering discounts on event ticket prices.

Even with a powerful brand backer, however, AirAsiaRedTix is entering a difficult market. According to the monthly ticket seller rankings published by, industry giant outstrips its closest rival in terms of unique visitors and visits by over 16 times.