Album: Gabriel Prokofiev & Peter Gregson, Cello Multitracks (Non Classical)


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Cello Multitracks is Gabriel Prokofiev's four-part suite for nine cellos, here performed by the gifted cellist Peter Gregson, whose familiarity with laptop multi-track technology undoubtedly aids its realisation.

As Prokofiev points out, classical music has always worked with contemporary dance forms, and accordingly Cello Multitracks employs rhythms and strategies culled from grime and rave: the brittle, edgy groove of "Jerk Driver", the elegant, dipping lines of "Float Dance", and the spindly, daddy-longlegs style of the syncopated pizzicato in "Tuff Strum". The four parts are then subjected to nine further remixes that emphasise both the stuttering digital character of the work, and its roots in Steve Reich's de-synchronisation exercises.

Download: Tuff Strum; Jerk Driver; The Slap Cellos of Douala