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TODAY: Births: Daniel Boone, frontiersman, 1734; Marie Antoinette, Queen of King Louis XVI of France, 1755; The Aga Khan III, 1877; Burt Lancaster (Burton Stephen Lancaster), actor, 1913. Deaths: Richard Hooker, theologian, 1600; Jenny Lind (Johanna Maria), soprano, 1887; George Bernard Shaw, playwright, 1950; James Grover Thurber, humorous writer and cartoonist, 1961. On this day: the Daily Mirror was first published, as a daily newspaper for women, 1903; the first crossword puzzle to appear in a British newspaper was published in the Sunday Express, 1924; Haile Selassie was crowned as Emperor of Ethiopia, 1930; Penguin was acquitted of obscenity in publishing the book Lady Chatterley's Lover, 1960; Channel 4 television was started, 1982. Today is the Feast Day of All Souls, St Marcian of Cyrrhus and St Victorinus of Pettau.

TOMORROW: Births: Lucan, Roman poet, 39; Karl Baedeker, guidebook publisher, 1801; Andre-Georges Malraux, writer and politician, 1901. Deaths: Constantius II, Roman emperor of the East, 361; Annie Oakley (Phoebe Anne Oakley Mozee (Moses)), entertainer and markswoman, 1926; Henri-Emile Benoit Matisse, painter, 1954. On this day: the Act of Supremacy was passed, making the king head of the English Church, 1534; Laika, the Russian space dog, was sent into space in Sputnik II, 1957. Tomorrow is the Feast Day of St Amicus, St Hubert, St Malachy of Armagh, St Martin de Porres, St Pirminus, St Rumwald and St Winifred or Gwenfrewi.