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TODAY: Births: Henry V, King, 1387; Nathan Mayer Rothschild, banker, 1777; Sir Alexander Korda (Sandor Laszlo Korda), film director and producer, 1893. Deaths: Toms de Torquemada, Dominican monk and Inquisitor-General, 1498; Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, physicist, 1736; Maria Callas (Cecilia Sophia Anna Maria Kalogeropoulos), opera singer, 1977. On this day: David Livingstone discovered Lake Nyasa, 1859; the Soviet Union became a member of the League of Nations, 1934. Today is the Feast Day of Saints Abundius and Abundantius St Cornelius, pope, St Cyprian, St Edith of Wilton, St Euphemia, St Ludmila and St Ninian.

TOMORROW: Births: Marie-Jean Antoine-Nicolas Caritat, Marquis de Condorcet, mathematician and philosopher, 1743; Sir Francis Charles Chichester, yachtsman and aviator, 1901. Deaths: Tobias George Smollett, novelist, 1771; Alfred Victor, Comte de Vigny, poet, 1863; Professor Sir Karl Raimund Popper, philosopher, 1994. On this day: Edinburgh was occupied by the Jacobites under the Young Pretender, 1745; the Constitution of the United States of American was signed, 1787; Poland was invaded by the Soviet Union, 1939. Today is the Feast Day of St Columba of Cordova, St Francis of Camporosso, St Hildegard, St Lambert of Maastricht, St Peter Arbues, St Robert Bellarmine, St Satyrus of Milan, Saints Socrates and Stephen and St Theodora.