April 9 agenda: PSFK Conference New York 2010

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Friday's highlights comprise an Asian art exhibit on realism in Singapore, a luxury hotel opening and trend conference in New York City, among other events.

Trump SoHo Hotel Opens
April 9
New York, USA

The 46-storey luxury Trump SoHo is now confirmed for an April 9 opening. Suites include floor-to-ceiling windows, and the hotel boasts an indoor-outdoor pool area with private cabanas and outdoor deck.

PSFK Conference New York 2010
April 9
Museum of Jewish Heritage
New York, USA

Trends and innovation company PSFK is hosting a conference on the theme of "A Gathering For Our Future." At the event 20 speakers will present their ideas and opinions about culture, technology, art and social media and inspire discussions about ideas that can "make things better." The PSFK Conference has previously attracted key innovators from Apple, BBC, Esty.com, Foursquare, the Guardian, MTV, NASA, Nokia, Starbucks and Virgin America and this year's line-up includes some of the minds behind the inspiration projects recently featured on PSFK's website.

Realism in Asian Art
April 9-July 4
Singapore Art Museum

Realism in Asian Art shines a spotlight on the evolutionary relationship of Realism in 20th century Asian art. The exhibition is jointly organized by the National Art Gallery of Singapore and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea. Selected paintings from artists living and working in ten Asian countries during the 20th century have been grouped together for the exhibition that showcases "how this important art movement touched Asia, weaving together a fascinating tale of heroism, valour and hope, in a time of turmoil that plagued Asia during the 20th century."